Alex + Ada #8 Review

How long will Alex and Ada have to spend their lives looking over their shoulders? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

As restrictions tighten on androids, Ada feels unsure about her place in Alex’s life and the world.

Alex+Ada08_Page1Alex + Ada has been one of Images stand out series over the past nine months, proving that you don’t need explosive action, or gripping adrenaline to make a great story. Just great characters, and an intriguing plot. Alex + Ada definitely does this wonderfully, with Alex’s decision to make Ada sentient bringing a more emotionally driven tale.

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna as ever write this magnificent story, with Vaughn handling the bulk of the script. The way in which these writers put our beloved characters through their paces makes for great drama, with the threat of the massive crackdown making their lives more risky. Despite all this it’s the decision to finally look into the concept of a relationship between Alex and Ada, with the final page of the issue making me itch for more.

Luna also continues to handles the art for this series, with his simplistic style proving that less can be more. Having only thin and precise lines, Luna relies on his bold colours to deliver shading and tone to the series, and in all honesty I love this. It brings a subtle, sombre charm to the issue, allowing the innocents and dread of the characters to shine through. Despite being brilliant 90% of the time, this lack of texture does sometimes hurt the look, with it feeling a bit flat at times.

Alex + Ada continues to be an emotionally gripping tale, proving that you don’t need excitement to make a gripping tale. Highly recommended.

  • + Alex and Ada finally look into a relationship.
  • + Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna give gripping developments.
  • + Luna produces a soft and sombre tone.
  • - Lack of texture makes the art slightly flat at times.

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