ADVANCE REVIEW! Cyber Force #10

How will Cyber Force fair against Killjoy and her gang? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

CYBER FORCE REUNITED All Stryker ever wanted was to live the remainder of his life in obscurity and enjoy the relative peace and quiet — but first he will need to lead an army into the maw of Cyber Data and its thousands of SHOCs!

CF010_preview03Despite the huge gap between releases I always seem to get excited for Cyber Force, with the action packed adventure being enthralling at every turn. In this issue the focus is all on the continuing battle between Cyber Force and Killjoy, with the whole Aphrodite Protocol, and the Medusa Program becoming much more intriguing. Amidst this we also get some explosive background into Ripclaw and Killjoy’s history, with it acting as a superb opener for the issue.

Marc Silvestri always seems to grab my attention quickly, as despite the excruciating wait between chapters he somehow manages to captivate straight away. I feel a lot of this it down to the fact that Silvestri doesn’t jump straight in from where the last issue left off, giving a flashback or alternative plot to hook readers in. As for the scripting off the issue as a whole, Silvestri also manages to thrill, as though the later part of the issue isn’t as gripping as the first, he still manages to create some form of drama and suspense.

Khoi Pham returns as artist for this issue, being joined by former Vampirella artist Heubert Michael. Both artists do a stellar job throughout, as though there are many inconsistencies (especially regarding facial expressions), they still manage to give a gripping cinematic feel to the story. In addition to this they also manage to build great excitement during the action sequences, as well as general drama throughout. Joining Pham and Michael we have wonderful colours from Andy Troy and Arif Prianto of Stellar Labs, as well as yet another phenomenal cover from Marc Silvestri himself.

Cyber Force somehow continues to thrill, as despite the painful wait between issues the product that Silvestri and co. deliver is well worth the wait. Highly recommended.

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