Repossessed #1 Review

AOT 25.1

Exorcism takes a whole new turn when The Dee Agency gets into the mix. Essentially “Demon Repo Men” they exorcise and capture demons bent n destroying all society. Things take a turn for the weird however when their newest case becomes a dangerous game of cat & mouse.

Here is Image’s summary:

In a world where Demon possessions are commonplace it’s up to a crew of overworked blue-collar repo guys to repossess the victims with old grimoires and big guns. The Dee Agency is hired by a rich NYC banker to repossess his daughter Sarah who ran away to Vegas. But the job is tougher than they expected and Demons of all sorts start popping up on the trail.

A new spin on an old tale, Repossessed is a nice breeze based on an interesting idea. While the characters themselves aren’t really developed as of yet, the base plot is set up in a decent way. Introducing our “heroes” Joe (The slightly pessimistic leader), Clay (The musclebound gun nut), & Martha (The girl). They take on different jobs, exorcising demons from people and making a nice stack of change. When a man by the name of Mr. Chesterfield hires the crew to find his daughter Sarah, things go haywire as they are pulled into a trap, but the mastermind is unknown.

While the narrative isn’t particularly ground breaking, the comic itself is pretty enjoyable. The characters are for the most part likeable, and the world in which are introduced to is explained well enough through actions rather than long winded exposition. The mystery is pretty engaging and the action scenes are scripted well, with the demons being the typical “I will kill you and feast on your soul” kind of menacing (even if the explanation for what is in Clay’s bullets is a bit tacked on).

The art is done fairly well with the demons being drawn to look as scary and imposing as possible, the action scenes are pretty cool, and each character has their own unique design. Although the coloring is a bit off and disorients the eyes a bit.

Repossessed is fun book so far, with nice ideas, and a good opening mystery. Though this series will only run for 4 issues, the 1st issue is good enough to make the next 3 issues worth checking out.


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