Rat Queens #2: Review

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Imagine Charlie’s Angels, but without a patriarch to boss the girls around. Now make those girls mythical creatures with a penchant for drug use, violence, and just a touch of promiscuity and this what you’d have: The Rat Queens. And issue #2 is a delight to read.

Here’s the official word from Image:

“GOLD, GUTS AND GROG,” Part Two Someone wants to kill the Rat Queens? The girls are seeing red and there’s only one thing to do about it: get really, really drunk. And, eventually, maybe get to the bottom of who’s trying to kill them. Because, let’s be honest, they already know why.

It’s impressive how quickly Kurtis J. Wiebe was able to find his groove with this title. After being sent on a Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 6.43.21 AMbogus mission, the Rat Queens come to the realization that they’re the targets for a hit — so far they’ve successfully dodged two attempts on their lives. And to Wiebe’s great credit, each attempt (a mythical swordsman and a giant troll) has offered the reader a broader glimpse into the universe he’s created with Rat Queens. Even better, the characters are funny, perverse, and well-rounded. Yes, they curse and drink a lot, but Wiebe adds just enough humanity to each interaction that the relationships he’s portraying feel real — this is supremely important with a team book, especially one composed of girls whose niche is to act like boys.

Artist Roc Upchurch adds volumes to the success of issue #2. Again, he renders his female protagonists with a balance of sass and humor that’s essential for what Rat Queens is trying to achieve. Best yet, the girls are not sexualized in any way; Upchurch spends considerable energy focusing on facial expressions, posture and battle poses. His style is fluid and beautiful, and a joy to read.

Rat Queens #2 has got it all: characters you care about; enjoyable team dynamics; a well paced plot; and mythical creatures getting drunk — a lot. Go pick this thing up today.




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