Prophet #26 Review

Another issue, and I’m still struggling with the concept of Prophet. Yet its getting better, and the latest issue is surprisingly enjoyable. Even if it doesn’t make any sense with the last issue (again).

The official description from Image:

Jaxson must find a way to warn John Prophet of the newly awakened Earth Empire.

As part of the overall story, Prophet is finally starting to make sense. It moves at an oddly slow pace, as this issue jumps to characters that I’m not entirely familiar with. It certainly has nothing to do with the last issue. Whether its set in parallel or afterwards, or even before hand is unclear. It might even be all three, thanks to the suggestion of time travel, which doesn’t really help.

However, what it does do well is create atmosphere. The characters/robots are quickly introduced, and through a changing landscape, a rough history of Prophet‘s world can be read. Its interesting and insightful; the various alien landscapes depict a wonderfully bleak landscape. The run down man-built structures make for nice touches, getting the point and mood of Prophet away quite effectively. It still creates the old school science fiction mood that has been shown previously, which is great.

Its also pleasing to see there’s no pointless text highlighting what random items are. Its doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the comic read much more smoothly and naturally. The monologue is perfectly fine; at times it creates the artistic flare that’s been seen in previous issues without getting in the way.

As for the artwork, its consistent with previous issues of Prophet. The pale colors are coming into effect more here, with enough variation that definition isn’t such a problem. The art can still be a little loose; in some areas a bit more detail would get help define what we’re looking at.

Overall, Prophet #26 is an impressive improvement. Its still not the most clear series in terms of plot, narrative, characters, definition or anything. Yet its starting to take much better shape, with an overall story slowly revealing itself between the pages. My only concern is that this is issue 26, it shouldn’t take this long to engage readers, although this might clearly suggest what kind of reader Prophet is aimed at.


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