Possible BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Spoiler & New Game Details!

So according to Leon Hurley from PlayStation Official Magazine UK, there’s some new spoilery info for the new Arkham game. But I’ll cover the non-spoilery info first, so if you don’t wanna see some possible spoilers, avert your eyes or don’t scroll down after I talk about these first details. Alright, so Dax Ginn has some details on the villainy in the game:

We always wanted to create our own trilogy of Arkham games which will lead you from the claustrophobic halls of Arkham Asylum to openness, which this new vision of Gotham gives us. We left Scarecrow out intentionally from key events of Batman: Arkham City, which let us completely focus on Batman’s relationship with Joker, which culminated with Joker’s death. Batman: Arkham Knight is a story about different, post-Joker Gotham City and Scarecrow is in the center of it. He is one of the supervillains of Batman’s universe and in this story he uses the opportunity and takes the abandoned place of power over criminals, putting Gotham in danger when he gets a new chemical weapon. This dark and chaotic version of Scarecrow unites other villains in Arkham Knight with only one goal: destroy Batman.

So it seems that some villains will be working together for the destruction of Batman, but we’ve already had this with the Assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins, and look how that did, not very well. Hmm, I’m not completely sold.

Various gadgets are key to the gameplay experience of Arkham Knight and we continued to develop Batman’s arsenal with new gadgets, and upgrades for old ones. The biggest upgrade is Batman’s suit, the Batsuit Mark 8. It upgrades Batman’s abilities in new ways… The way that Batman communicates with Oracle is also upgraded and in Arkham Knight he will use a holographic communicator. It enables players to see the person Batman is talking to through a holographic projection from his gauntlet.

So Batman pretty much has Skype now? Cool.

[Oracle is] such a strong character in the universe that we really wanted to bring her to life in this game rather than have her as just that voice… What does she look like? Where does she work? How does she have all of this information? What’s her relationship like with Batman? She’s one of the only people who knows his identity, so it gives that sort of human side to Batman. We spend so much time seeing him kick ass it’s nice to see the emotional side of him underneath, and she’s one of the few characters who help us bring that out.

That actually sounds awesome, seeing a new side of Batman is needed and could work well, especially since we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of it with a young Oracle in the last game.



Now Here’s The Spoilery Part

Okay here’s a crazy possible spoiler for Arkham Knight, courtesy of PlayStation Official Magazine UK. Brace yourself.

Rocksteady is curiously coy about the new character it’s created – one that apparently kills Batman during our demo. He appears, knocks Bats to the ground, points a gun to our hero’s head and the screen turns black as a gunshot rings out. Of course Bruce Wayne can’t really be dead. Or can he?Rocksteady has shown it’s not afraid to make major plot statements (see Arkham City’s end) and Batman’s comic history is littered with replacement caped crusaders.

The Arkham Knight’s armoured cowl has the same ears, suggesting a link to The Bat in some way. Initially, we thought it could be a spin on the Red Hood, the alter ego of former Robin Jason Todd. Rocksteady is known for taking liberties with character design, but that wouldn’t be a brand new character. Director Sefton Hill has also evaded questions about Azrael. In Arkham City, it’s the Michael Lane version – who was trained to replace Bats should he die – so has Rocksteady reworked this idea?

Well that’s a pretty cool idea! If this is happening, which it sounds like it is, it could prove to be a great game with more opportunities to introduce new DC characters. For example, why were there two Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Easter eggs attached to Arkham Origins? Your move, Rocksteady.

So do these new bits of information make you excited for the final Arkham game? Were you gonna buy it anyway? Tell us in the comments!