Popeye #6 Review

A humorous and traditional story, Popeye #6 feels very much like the original Popeye tales. This is most likely to its focus on the two most recognizable characters; Popeye and Bluto.

The official description from IDW:

Hollywood’s calling… and they want Popeye! With Wimpy in the director’s chair, what can possibly go wrong? But who is the film’s mysterious backer? And why is he trying to sabotage it at every turn? Laffs! Thrills! Popcorn! And (of course) plenty of spinach!

Although the premise is about Hollywood and making a film, this is still a traditional Popeye story at heart. Popeye does a lot of talking, fighting and even manages to ea little bit of spinach. With Bluto making appearances in the later half, it feels very classic. Yet it isn’t using the same old plot lines. Bluto isn’t after Olive, something that happened too often in the old, classic Popeye tales. This at least gives the old story a new direction.

Additionally, the writing here is very well done; a lot of the supporting cast is given plenty to say and do without somehow getting in the way. The Hollywood theme also helps with this, with the likes of Wimpy becoming a director. No one feels particularly forced into any one scene; it all reads very naturally.

The large cast works well with the very simple narrative. There aren’t any confusing side arcs. Its a simple tale with a decent resolution. There is fighting involved, yes, but that isn’t the entire focus. Its good to see the occasional Popeye stories which focus away from resolving problems through violence. Whilst Popeye does get his fists dirty, its made clear this isn’t the stories success or happy ending.

All in all, this is a decent Popeye issue. Depending on how familiar you are with Popeye, the inclusion of Bluto might mean different things for you, but it is a good read none the less.

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