Peter Panzerfaust #6 Review

The mini-series becomes a monthly series, but is it a mistake?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“PARIS,” Part One

Paris cowers in the shadow of the Third Reich and one of the Lost Boys has become their prisoner. There is no running. There is no hiding. There is only the mission: save Felix!

The epic saga of Peter Pan continues to be retold in a World War II setting with some uneven narrative results that ultimately yield an amazingly visceral experience that represents the storied myth quite well.  The latest issue follows the boys in a situation that demands maturity with some solid pathos and character interaction.  What we have here is the beginnings of a strong arc where our heroes enter a rather dark era in the city of Paris.

Kurtis J. Wiebe writes the script in a way that yields a wonderful romp from beginning to finish.  Chock-full of emotion, drama and a solid structure this latest release is one that’s not to be missed, as the series seamlessly goes from a self-contained mini-series to a monthly book.  The only minor bumps in the proverbial road, come from moments that are just overburdened with narration.  It’s not that the extra exposition is a bad thing it just makes certain scenes last a bit too long eventually bogging down the pace of an otherwise expertly written experience.

Tyler Jenkins once again delivers a functional but highly stylized visual experience as he employs the right amount of talent and skill in an effort to make this issue a memorable one.  His line work and character designs work so well with the script that it honestly raises the quality of the book to a point that will make any fan quite happy.  And just think, readers can look forward to picking up the continuing adventures of these intriguing characters, drawn by this exceptional artist for the foreseeable future.

Peter Panzerfaust #6 is proof that a mini-series can become a monthly series while still retaining the core elements that made it so successful in the first place.  Recommended.


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