Peter Panzerfaust #14 Review

The war continues, but can our heroes trust anyone?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

A terrifying double cross leads Felix, once again, into the hands of the enemy. A traitor is revealed and the fate of the Braves and the entire Sticks operation hangs by a thread. Time is running out and death waits in the hands of a clock…tick…tock….

This is a hard story to sell to the average consumer. When you have a world of competition that centers around superheroes, the supernatural and science fiction there’s not much room left for a concept built on the foundations of a fairy tale.  Certainly this requires a niche audience, but despite that fact the creative team carries on delivering an issue that should garner attention.

Kurtis Wiebe pens the script and he truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  When this mini-series was green-lit for an extended stay I honestly was worried that the author would have trouble continuing what already seemed like a rather difficult task.  Instead, month in and month he concocts a comic that’s high caliber in every way.  From the character development to the subtle inclusion of reality joined with some blatant references it’s obvious that he has a handle on this voyage.  I did find that the introduction of a new antagonist felt a bit predictable though his identity and station turned out to be more intriguing than I initially realized.

When it comes to the art, Tyler Jenkins is the perfect fit for this franchise.  His out of this world renditions give the combine feeling of both a hardened battlefield and the fantastical origins of this engaging romp.  That’s his skill as he drenches the text in a layered experience that’s second to none.  Within the throws of a World War he maintains a level of, not innocence, but honesty that you might not be expecting considering all the events that have befallen our heroes.

Peter Panzerfaust #14 is a rip-roaring success that carries a wonderfully confusing yet deliciously realized cliffhanger that’ll get eager fanboys and fangirls excited. Recommended.


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