Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: HopCross Jilly #5 Review


Jesse has been accused of taking out her classmate but the truth is out there and Mercy won’t let her daughter go out without a fight. Will Jesse be proven innocent or guilty? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

Mercy Thompson’s all-new comic book adventure continues in a story by New York Times’ bestselling author, Patricia Briggs! Jesse’s the prime suspect in her classmates’ disappearances, so Mercy seeks advice from the legendary Zee, a spokesman for the fae. Meanwhile, Jesse receives a phone call that may just spell the end… for her! You’ve never read a Mercy Thompson story like this before!

Mercy05-1-0460dThis series keeps getting better and better and this issue is no different. First off, Jesse has been made the prime suspect of the disappearance of her classmate. This is something that she can’t really prove or deny except by word so it is really will they, won’t they moment. Mercy doesn’t want her daughter to be taken or hurt so she seeks guidance and receives some information from Zee, who happens to be a leader for the fae, which are fairies.  Jesse does get an interesting phone call that really will change the course of this book. You will have to check it out but it is worth reading, for real!

Patricia Briggs, and Rik Hoskin are really great at continuing a character that, in different hands, could get very boring but the new twists and turns are fantastic. They continue the fun and excitement of other stories to this new arch. You will have to read it.

This comic book could be visually boring because it is a lot of talking but Tom Garcia does a great job of making it interesting. They characters have emotions and feeling behind them it’s not hard to fall for them. You will really enjoy these characters.

This series keeps getting better and this issue is no different.

  • + Mercy is a badass
  • + A different direction of the story
  • + Fantastic visuals
  • + A great mystery

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