Pathfinder #4 Review

Pathfinder is back with a spider and goblin filled fourth issue. This series has been very good, with some of the most fun characters you’ll read. It’s all-out fantasy, dwarfs, goblins, swords, it’s what you get when you combine The Lord of the Rings with something a little more lighthearted. This issue sees the heroes take on the giant spiders from last time, we meet a new character and…the goblins return. Another extremely fun issue, everyone should be picking up this fantasy epic.

Here’s the official description from Dynamite:

The Pathfinder adventurers have trekked deep into the Mosswood, overcoming dangerous creatures and perilous terrain to reach their goal. With victory so close, the brutal defeat to come will be even more bittersweet…

It starts out from where the story left off last time, with our heroes about to become Pathfinder soup thanks to a giant spider. They fight the creatures and are saved by a new character named Lini. Later the goblins make their frightening return with an ending you won’t be expecting. The main thing I like about Pathfinder is how great these characters work together. Jim Zub writes them really well, especially here. This issue has some good character moments, almost everyone gets at least a page to himself/herself. It also introduces another great character, Lini. She has a pretty cool personality, a protector of the forest and is willing to help out others in need. I’m not sure if she was just introduced here to save the characters or not. I hope we’ll see her again in the future. I’m not quite sure I agree with how Merisiel acted in the ending, it seemed just a bit out of character,

Andrew Huerta’s art doesn’t disappoint. Upon first reading, some parts with the spider battle were admittedly a little too stylized to fully make out what was happening, but that’s just a minor thing. The main cover is a rather stunning out-of–art-style picture of Kyra, easily one of the most simple but effective covers. Now the first variant is just stunning, showing Lini about to take on a spider, easily the best cover of the bunch and one of the best overall. The third cover is an in-art-style shot of Harsk, the weakest cover, but not bad. The third variant is good, a stunning piece with Ezren and Seoni with goblins about to take them on. (Although Seoni’s stance looks a bit strange.)

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Overall, Pathfinder #4 is an excellent issue all around. The journey continues with plenty of action that comes in the form of giant spiders and devilish goblins. We also get a new, very good and cool character. (She even has an awesome giant dog creature as a pet.) Pathfinder continues to be the best fantasy title on the stands, easily one of the most recommended of comics.


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