Oddly Normal #6 Review

Oddly continues to be in this new world without her parents but even with the trouble of almost being murdered she has continue on. This time she is stuck in memory and I don’t mean she day dreams. I mean she gets stuck.

Oddly gets stuck in a memory. Literally.

This whole series has been an interesting one to say the least. It didn’t really grab my attention at first and I OddlyNormal_06-1actually didn’t like the character of Oddly but as I read more and more I got into the character more and more. The character has had her parents taken from her, had to move to a new and strange world, make and lose new friends, and almost be killed by someone that has a lot of sinister things in mind. However, nothing could have prepared her for this issue. I won’t go too much into it but there are some really interesting moments. Oddly gets stuck in a memory and it brings forth a lot of truths and raises some questions about the future of the series. You would really be smart to check this issue out because there are so many fantastic moments and we get to really see into Oddly and some of her life that we haven’t seen yet in the series. It, also, gives a hint of what is coming next and the hope of her finding her family.

Otis Frampton does  a great job as writer and artist with this series. He knows how to writer and draw for kids but doesn’t make them feel stupid by doing. He treats them very intelligently and it works to his advantage because a lot of kids love this story. The art also just rocks and he does a great job.

Oddly Normal #6 is a great addition to the story and add dynamic to the character.

+Very well done visuals +A character who is wonderful to follow +Mystery and intrigue +Lovely moments for Oddly

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