Number 13’s DOPE Proof of Concept Trailer –This NEEDS To Be A Movie!

Creators of the insanely awesome comic Number 13Robert Love and David Walker debuted this crazy dope trailer at San Diego Comic Con last week …

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Based on the comic, this short featurette is a “proof of concept” trailer produced by Steve Petersen and Sean Owolo, but Love and Walker are crossing their fingers that a production deal for a live-action film will come out of it. How sick would that movie be?!

The trailer hints at some of the hotness of the comic — bionic bad ass Number 13 can do some serious damage with those arm canons, but at the end of the day he’s a kid lost in a post-apocalyptic land trying to find his “dad”.  But check out the comic, ’cause there is SO much more – mutants, misguided revolutionaries, bionic heroes, bionic baddies, and friggin’  ogres… three-armed ogres! Oh, and it’s a really dynamic story too.

If this killer boy hero is gonna make it to the big screen though, they’ll need some fan love. So share it, like their Facebook page, Twitter ’em, get a “13” tattooed on the side of your head…


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