All New Fathom #5 Review

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There’s a lot at stake here for the world above and below the ocean, but should you really care? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

A new direction in the FATHOM Universe continues!

Believing the undersea threat from Vana to be over, Aspen Matthews returns to the surface to try to resume a normal life and finds an old flame waiting for her upon her arrival–Chance Calloway. Meanwhile, tensions rise beneath the surface as the true extent of Vana’s scheme begins to manifest, and she reveals her actual target–the Capital city of the Blue, Muria!

All New Fathom 5_CThe biggest issue with the whole volume is how much of it is in fact built for a new audience, there are points where it would help to re-read previous jaunts but to be truthful its not entirely necessary. And that is an accomplishment from a talented creative team who had enough vision to balance all the varied pieces in this puzzle.

The script by David Wohl can be a bit heavy handed as a barrage of text adds a few more players to the table. With that said, the easiest way I can honestly describe what you’ll read within the confines of these pages is a deliberate crescendo. The story starts off slow, picks up speed and just in time for the climax it offers up an exciting finish that’s sure to get seasoned fans and newcomers excited. To sum up: the pace picks up speed as the author sets things toward an interesting level just as the final moments arrive.

The art by Alex Konat is beautiful, as the illustrator uses some competent line-work to realize this tale. The details jump at the audience so much so that the wait between issues felt like a worthwhile price to pay. There’s not a lot of negative I can say about it so I’ll wrap up by stating that if you buy this book for the art alone there’s just no way that you’ll regret it.

All New Fathom #5 does its thing without hampering the quality of the arc. Highly recommended.



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