Morning Glories #30 Review

The second season of this compelling odyssey barrels forward with even more twists and turns that are sure to keep its dedicated audience guessing, but is it really good enough to hold your attention?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“Smaller rebellions.”

If you picked up this comic book and thought: man, I want to know more about one of these characters so that I can better connect with their apparently crazy actions.  Then this release is certainly for you, as the creative team paints a very intimate tale regarding the deadly and cunning Irina.  Not only do they fill in some key parts of her past but the powers at be reveal potent points of her character that might just shape future events at the Morning Glories Academy.

The written word by Nick Spencer simply shines with glorious intent, as eager followers peel back pages that are sure to excite them.  As one sentence devours another the complicated layers of this tale build a narrative that’s compelling even if it is a bit confusing.  It might seem like this is more of a frustrating aspect of this saga, but at this point each release feels like we’re getting more answers that inevitably lead to tough to solve questions.  And thanks to the work of the scribe I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying the ride even as the conundrums pile up.

As skillful as the text can be it’s the art by Joe Eisma that has, from the first issue on, set this series apart from the traditional titles carried at local comic shops.  He uses his pencil work to deliver clean panels with just enough detail to sell the varying aspects of this demented yarn.  He fills our players with all the human emotions one might expect as betrayals, death and destruction devour their lives in this sordid affair.  In short: the art looks great and at this point it’s improving.

Morning Glories #30 is another excellent addition that does everything it needs to in order to earn some serious praise.  Highly recommended.


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