Morning Glories #26 Review

Following last month’s finale, where does this enigmatic series go from here?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Season 2 of the smash hit series begins here, with a special, full-sized, impossibly priced $1 prelude – the perfect jumping-on point for collection readers looking to move to single issues!

Despite what people may think about mystery concepts I happen to find them to be endlessly intriguing, especially when there’s a season finale followed by a premiere.  Some big things happened during the last outing, and wouldn’t you know it as soon as we open this comic book we get some answers and a whole lot more questions.

Nick Spencer pens the script and the seasoned scribe proves the complexities of this concept by yielding a minimalist outing that instead allows the mind to wonder as this tale relies heavily on illustrations to fully convey its concepts.  There are some intriguing revelations found here that are sure to have some serious implications moving forward but beyond that I just found myself helplessly engrossed by all that happens within.  We get plenty of flashes and quick sequences that dedicated followers are sure to recognize as Ms. Clarkson assumes her post by the end addressing her well prepared class.

The art by Joe Eisma is just as stunning as it has been throughout the series.  His complex visualizations bring this energetic and almost ethereal world that’s full of terrors seamlessly to life.  Each pencil stroke evokes a soft but sturdy image that encapsulates the essence of this jaunt, literally offering a layer of tranquility while belying its true nature below the surface as more questions and conundrums abound.  From a visual aspect I have literally zero complaints here as the work on display in this specific outing is absolutely sterling.

Morning Glories #26 is a perfect place to jump on if you’ve been following the trade paperbacks and if you’re looking to get in on the monthly craze.  Beyond that the issue is just $1, so buying it seems to be an absolutely worthwhile risk whether you’re invested or not.  Recommended.


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