Monster Motors: Curse of the Mini Van Helsing #2 Review

Well it seems that there may be an ally with Mini Van Helsing and his daughter, who happens to be Vic Frankenstein but will the trust, be mutual and will everyone work together for the greater good? Read on to find out more.

Undead cars and trucks, driving the Earth! One bite will turn any machine into one of them! Their numbers are multiplying; their hunger is growing. They are ZOOMBIES and they are apart to descend on the sleepy town of Transylvania, Kentucky. But don’t worry—genius mechanic VIC FRANKENSTEIN and famed monstercar-hunter MINIVAN HELSING are teaming up to stop the NIGHT OF THE DRIVING DEAD!

This series is quite fun and has a lot of great moments so far. It is super interesting to see the world of our favorite MonMoto-02-pr-4-f15ddmonster be motorized for enjoyment. This issue continues on with Van Helsing, his daughter, and Frankenstein trying to stop a fleet of Zoombies, which are care zombies. It is super funny and really neat to see this take on zombies. We have some great interactions between the characters and a real sense of urgency with these characters making it out alive. You will have to check it out because it does some really cool things.

Brian Lynch brings a lot of fun to the table with this comic. He seems to be very true to the source material but adds another level to the story. It is pretty cool to see the way that he incorporates the monsters and vehicles. Also, the character interactions are really cool too.

Nick Roche brings the fun of visual part by bringing the story to life visually. It is really great looking and a ton of fun. The colors mix well with the drawings highlighting the characters in unique ways.

Monster Motors is a fun and great series that continues to work.

+A great take on monsters +Plenty of fast and crazy cars +Zoombies rock +Frankenstein is awesome

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