Mind MGMT #9 Review

Not immortal, yet death seems to always escape him. Lyme. Henry Lyme.

And sadly this is the case even when he actually wants to rid the world of his strange and mysterious ways.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The fight against the shadowy Mind Management organization spreads to the Middle East! The race is on, as former agent Henry Lyme and investigator Meru rush to recruit assets like the Musician—whose pop music influences the politics and unrest in Egypt—before MIND MGMT does!”

In issue #8 we are left with a pretty significant cliffhanger. This gets resolved immediately.  And it gets resolved in true Mind MGMT fashion – with a sequence of flashback panels describing exactly what would need to happen to make the resolution play out as it does.

NOTE: This book is so fantastic, I would not dare spoil it for anyone.

DISCLAIMER: This review is a bit longer than usual as #9 will be the first UTF review for Mind MGMT. I want to ensure we pour a solid foundation from which to move forward…

Okay, now that we have that out of the way – After catching up with this series in a matter of hours (Yes, #0-#8 back to back), I now see the world as having two types of people:

1) People have not yet read Mind MGMT; 2) People who are constantly and eagerly waiting for Matt to finish the next issue.

Yes, you heard that right – Matt. One guy. He does it all. A-MAZING. I am convinced he lacks the ability to be “main stream”. You will pick that up right away. His art, his writing style, his, well, you will see. There are at least 3 things going on at any given time. Wow. Just. Wow.


If you are reading this amazing ongoing series you will undoubtedly be picking this issue up and tearing through its pages as soon as you get it home.

If you are not yet reading this wonderfully imaginative and original series, you will want to get on it – straight away. Do not pass GO, do not collect – err – You don’t need cash, “…remember that any paper can be mind augmented to perform in the place of real money.”

You get the point. Start at #1 and work your way here, to #9.  You will not be disappointed. That said, #9 is NOT a good jumping on point. If you want an abridged version of the series, start at #7 – it is the start of a new arc and gives a 1-page / 20-panel review of the previous issues.

Anyway – back to THIS issue. Here is summary of what happens in 6 spoiler-free words:

  1. Aftermath!
  2. Shotgun!
  3. Head-shot!
  4. Sphinx!
  5. Duncan!
  6. PIECE!

You think I am being cryptic and chaotic? Try reading the book. It is chock full of hidden gems, side stories, background information, character bios, everything necessary to immerse you into the world of Mind Management!

In fact, don’t forget to check out the cool extras that only come with an amazing book like this: “Premeditated” – A True Crime Novel, cont. (up the spine of the book); Front Inside Cover Character/Org Dossier (of sorts); Post Story Mind MGMT Case File (The Hulk, cont.);  H.E.L.P.M.E. (fan mail); and a bunch of character bio/fun stuff specific to this issue’s “special agent”: Dusty Carbine


“…tap     tap     tap        tap   tap     tap       tap           tap tap     tap     tap        tap   tap     tap       tap           tap   tap  tap         tap         tap      tap tap…”

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