Mind MGMT #14 Review

Back to basics!

So, I really thought we were in for another “desperate housewives” type issue – especially from we can see on the cover. Instead, we are treated with a a bit more back-story on Meru and her current relationship with Bill.

To the untrained eye, that still might sound like simple network television drama, but we know better -with Meru, nothing is simple.

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

What you don’t know about Meru could just about fit in this issue!

* From the creator of 3 Story and Super Spy and co-writer of JLA!

* A single-part story perfect for new readers!

The official description for this issue type has changed a bit from last month. The use of “one-shot” has gone, and the use of “single-part story” has arrived. Rightfully so, where last issue was truly a one-shot, this one is an encapsulated story that can be taken in on its own. I have to say though, while anyone will no doubt enjoy this issue, I do feel that new readers would find themselves lost on some of its series specific aspects. That said, the points where new readers get lost, seasoned Mind MGMT fans are found.

Like every issue, there is more to it than at first glance. Read it again. Not just for the text running up the side, but for the hidden nuances Matt has baked in…for the mysteries, and for the answers – most times they are two sides of the same coin.

A couple things to ponder: How does the last issue fit in to the overall ongoing story? Why does the cover of this issue resemble a mash-up of Meru and Bill with characters from the last issue?

As always, there is not much to say about the art that hasn’t already been said. It is perfect for the story: complex, simple, messy, clean – beautiful.

So, with another issue of Mind MGMT, comes another 5-Star rating. Matt’s story just continues to captivate, motivate and inspire. In some ways, it is more real than real.


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