Mind MGMT #10 Review

The Eraser Must Be Stopped.

How do you stop someone that is hell bent on destroying everything you hold dear? Recruit the man who can predict the future, of course!

Here’s the official description from Dark Horse:

Only the Futurist can help Lyme and Meru find Mind Management’s hidden training ground, Shangri-la. But how can they track a man who knows their every move before they do?

But how do you recruit that man when he doesn’t want to be found?

Well, you need a highly skilled set of people on your team – OR – At least a seemingly normal someone with a really clever idea. And there we have it – this issue is all about tracking down “The Futurist” – a man nonchalantly introduced in a “Mind Memo” as part of Mind MGMT Issue #1, someone we have seen here and there throughout the story so far, and also someone for which this entire arc is named. This man, this “futurist”, is arguably one of the most powerful “good guys” in the book – aside of course from Henry Lyme. Our unlikely band of protagonists needs his help to fight back the most powerful “bad guy” in the book – “The Eraser” – a woman that is single-handedly erasing the minds of anyone who opposes her cause.

So, the wonderfully written pages of this issue give us even more back-story on the Futurist, Duncan Jones. We learn quite a bit more about how is talent works, what he uses it for, what makes him happy, and most importantly, what makes him so bored he regularly starts bar brawls. This back-story leads very nicely into the ongoing story where Lyme, Meru, Perrier, and Dusty are trying to figure out a way to meet up with Duncan – a man that could kill with the simple gesture of his finger. Suffice to say, they do figure out how to capture his attention – But will he help?

Damn. You surprised me twice in one day. – Duncan Jones

The art is as wonderful and unique as the story it represents. It is drastically different than the “mainstream” stuff you read. Oh, and if you are new to this series, please take time to acknowledge the fact that Matt Kindt, the mastermind behind this project, does it all – the writing, the art, the book design, everything. Bravo.

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