Michael Turner’s Fathom (vol.4) #8 Reivew

The penultimate issue of this slew of releases has arrived but is this narrative completely out of its depth?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Michael Turner’s FATHOM streaks toward its thrilling conclusion…

As the Church of the Eternal Depths lies in ruin, Aspen Matthews must attempt a daring suicide mission, with the lives of her friends hanging precariously in the balance. However, when she uncovers a dark secret that lies beneath the ocean floor, Aspen realizes her own actions will endanger millions of lives–INCLUDING HER OWN!

Judith Banyanski was a promising graduate student but after some unwanted experimentation while in captivity she’s become something more, and the world may very well live to regret it. Combined with a sentient power derived from the genetic material of the Blue she’s begun a quest of vengeance to purge this underwater facility as our heroine, Aspen Matthews, strives to gain bearings in these chaotic times.

The latest script by David Wohl offers fascinating revelations and some stark transitions as this volume marches toward what is sure to be a climactic finish.  Our protagonist has been through a lot in these most recent adventures but looking on her past accomplishments readers realize that she has fought for two worlds against threats from both and beyond as she faces down what could grow to be another global nightmare. The author nails a consistently strong tone with his ability to offer engaging dialogue and solid pacing as he prepares the way for this latest jaunt’s conclusion.

When dealing with a comic book with the late great Michael Turner‘s name imprinted on it the pressure to deliver stellar artwork is surely massive, but thankfully Alex Konat is up to the task.  His pencil strokes embody the soul of the saga will illuminating his own unique vision of this underwater franchise. From the first panel to the final page he absolutely delivers on the characters, the backgrounds and everything in between.

Michael Turner’s Fathom (vol.4) #8 is a superb outing that does more than enough to set-up this volume’s final entry.  Highly recommended.


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