Mice Templar Vol. 4 #14: Review

Playing with the idea that the membrane between reality and dreamscapes is only paper thin, Mice Templar attempts one of it’s most surreal plot lines yet. And totally delivers.

Here’s the official word from Image:

“KARIC THE MANY” Possessed by the Red Ant god, Karic’s long-prophesied doom becomes reality as the would-be savior of the mice becomes an instrument of vengeance for the great demon lord Donas the Nathair! On the very brink of restoration, the Templar find themselves trapped between the insatiable hunger of The Many…and the unstoppable insect Guardians of the Dusk and Dawn!

In a comic that prides itself on following multiple characters, quests, and motivations all at once it’s nice (and even TheMiceTemplar_vol4_14-1cathartic) to encounter an issue where everyone is in the same mess together. Thus is the action of Mouse Templar #14. Yes, while the majority of the action follows the continuing efforts of Karic’s tiny band of rebels, the threat posed here is so dire it promises to devastate anything (or any mouse) in it’s path. Both lowly foot soldiers and Icarus himself are in fear of the threat simply referred to as “The Many” —  a horde of flesh eating red ants that have been accidently and mystically summoned by one of Karic’s deep dives into the unconscious. The only way to stop this threat is to dive in after Karic and wake him from the dream world, and this is a  task that Aquila happily takes head on. The joy of Bryan J.L.Glass’ plot, of course, is that he’s able to offer this incredible front action while still building on the varied backstories of all the characters present. Yes, Mice Templar is once again a joy to read.

The art, by Michael Avon Oeming, is once again top notch. Of particular note with this issue is Oeming ability to effectively (and beautifully) toggle back and forth between the dreamscape and reality. This script in particular offers Oeming an opportunity to play with surrealist images paneling that we generally don’t see. And it rocks.

Mice Templar continues to be one of the most innovative and enjoyable titles out there. Go grab this thing today.


+ Mega-Size Issue + Rock Solid Story

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