MARVEL Planned to Cancel MS. MARVEL After 7 Issues, But She is Here To Stay!

So it seems Marvel had planned for Ms. Marvel to only run through issue 7.  I’m sure their plans drastically changed, considering every single issue is on its fiftieth printing (k, I exaggerated a teenie tiny bit–the first issue has been printed at least six times, issue #2 is on its forth printing and most of the other issues have been reprinted at least once).

Bleeding Cool’s Ian Melton was schmoozing with writer G. Willow Wilson at Rose City Comic Con; he reports:MSMARVel 3

G. Willow Wilson is so very happy Ms. Marvel still has an audience and said several times over that the plan was go to issue 7 and then get canceled.

When signing issue 8 she commented “ah the issue that was never supposed to be! (laugh)”

As for the future of Ms. Marvel, there are no plans to stop and she is busy writing and plotting up to #11 and maybe now tying the book back more to the wider Marvel Universe, such as to things like Axis.  “When I thought we’d be canceled anytime referring to the wide universe didn’t need to be done but now that the book is doing well…”

Ms. Marvel is such a refreshing title.  Kamala Khan is a geeky outsider who has to juggle school, family and heroics, and recently she even got a pet she has to take care of–the teleporting, Inhuman dog Lockjaw!   Although I read many titles religiously, this is one only books I totally geek out for each month (along with Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man and Magneto).

lockjawI am not mad at Marvel over this news; many titles that are not main X-books, Spidey-books or Avengers-titles only last around 7 issues.   Ms. Marvel was definitely an out of the box book to put out, but it was a very needed move.  A quirky, Muslim, teenage fangirl was exactly what fans yearned for! 

I believe a lot of the book’s quality comes from the passion of the creators.  In interviews, writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona and editor Sana Amanat come off as geeking out for Kamala as heavily as the fans do.  Their passion shows on each page.  I am a proud member of the Kamala Corps and cannot wait for the next hundred issues.

Here is a pic of me making believe I am as cool as Kamala.

Here is a pic of me making believe I am as cool as Kamala.

Source: All-New Ms. Marvel Backstage PassBleeding Cool