Yesterday we got the first teaser from the House of Ideas, regarding whatever zany thing they have cooked up for all of us come December 2013.

Well, here’s the next one.

The official press release from Marvel:

In the wake of Infinity, the Marvel Universe faces a new threat. Find out more, September 18th!

Okay, so we now know it’s a group.  Who are the main candidates for a team that hasn’t been given the NOW! treatment?  My gut continues to point toward out of this world contenders but not the ones you might be thinking of.  Or maybe you are!  In any case if I had to bet, today, I’m going to make the call that they’re hyping up the imminent return of the Inhumans!

Aren’t you just bursting at the seems from your collective excitement?  Personally, I adore these characters and I’m more than ready to see what these lunar based mutants are up to.  Perhaps their ranks have grown, or because of events in Infinity the citizens of Earth see them as a threat!  Or both!

What are your thoughts? Are you down to see this happen?  Is this book a waste of money and time? Is my theory off the mark?

Sound off with your glorious thoughts and opinions below!

SOURCE: Marvel Comics

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