The Manhattan Projects #19 – Review

After an exceptionally gory last issue, the latest installment of The Manhattan Projects offers a little less blood but a lot more “crazy”.

Here’s the official word from Image:

“STRATEGIC ASSASSINATION”. Simultaneous actions on three different worlds result in the most jaw-dropping issue of THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS to date!

Jonathan Hickman might be one of the most creative minds writing in comics today, and if you wanted to provemanhattan19-cover-e1c35 this point all you’d have to do is hold up The Manhattan Projects as Exhibit A. Like many readers out there, I love the premise of this title which offers an alternate history that begins after the secret projects of World War II and the creation of the atomic bomb. But issue #19 doesn’t seem to concern itself with the premise, per se, or really plot. What it does, is take the final panel of issue #18 where (kinda spoiler alert) we see Dr. Oppenheimer take a bullet to the forehead and then lovingly expands on that one moment to a full 30 pages. Yes, that’s right — Issue #19 doesn’t push the plot forward as much as it pivots back towards the final moments of Dr. Oppenheimer’s life, giving the reader a sense of the internal battle he underwent before getting assassinated. All in all, it’s a very satisfying narrative trick reminiscent of Tobias Wolff’s seminal short story Bullet in the Brain. And once again demonstrates why The Manhattan Projects is a blast to read. Even when the plot doesn’t make much sense.

Nick Pitarra’s art style is almost as quirky as Hickman’s writing style. A blend between old-fashioned cartoons and hyper-realism, he’s found a knack for capturing the insane mood of this book — especially the strange peyote trip elements that this issue showcases.

The Manhattan Projects continues to be a creative and engaging read. Even when it barely makes any sense.

+ Creative and Fun - Even if When You Don't Know What's Going On