Madame Frankenstein #5 Review

You would think that if you created a monster that you wouldn’t want people to see the character until you  were sure everything was worked out with the monster and society but I believe that I may be smarter than the Doctor. Read on to find out more.

It’s time for the monster’s society debut! Vincent dresses Gail in her best party frock and takes her to a bash at his old fraternity house. This may be a fatal mistake, however, as his worst enemy sees a woman from his past in the creature’s face.

Jamie S. Rich has my props for the week, because I can’t figure out ifMadameFrankenstein_05-1 his character is really dumb or just over come with love that he cannot rationalize the simplest of things. For example, not taking your creature that looks like a woman that was alive in society, out for a night without making sure that this person isn’t going to be recognized. That is why I have to say that the writer is going for the love angle or just plain stupid. The issue deals with our doctor bringing out the monster to a ball, which would be fine but there is someone there who recognizes the monster from their previous life. It is crazy and should have been know that this could occur. However, it does add for some drama that works nicely for this issue.

Rich understands the ideas of the characters and the ability to make a character likable who doesn’t make good decisions. It is a little unbelievable that Vincent could be that dumb but there is something that still makes it awesome.

Megan Levens is proving over and over again why she should be drawing comics. She understands the ideas and themes of the characters and displays it so well. She will blow your mind.

Madame Frankenstein has some problems but is still pretty great.


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