Madame Frankenstein #1 Review

A new take on a classic story is something that I have loved but does this new series do the right thing, or does it fall? Read on to find out more.

In 1932, Vincent Krall sets out to create his perfect woman by reanimating the corpse of the love of his life. He’ll soon discover, however, that man was never meant to peer beyond the veil between life and death. Mixing vintage horror with mythic drama, this new series by writer JAMIE S. RICH (You Have Killed Me) and smashing newcomer MEGAN LEVENS is guaranteed to send chills through even the warmest of hearts.

Okay so we have this, kind of, classic horror story coming forth with a modern take. Now I know that people MadameFrankenstein1Mittenhave been getting tired of the same story with a different twist. I have personally gotten tired of it too but I am happy to say that Madame Frankenstien is, honestly, a fresh take on a classic with horror and heart that makes a great comic. You have this story of a man driven my guilt and loneliness that causes him to go mad and reanimate his old love to bring forth the perfect woman. However, this, like many before him, took a different road before the good intentions were seen. The way that this is written is just awesome because of the way that the writer develops the main character. You like him, but you don’t understand his motives completely causing an array of problems. I will say that I had one problem with the story. I thought is was too dramatic. We get what’s going on and why we should feel bad, so let’s not dwell on it, but, other than that, it is very good.

The art is a big highlight of this comic. The interesting and eerie art is fantastic. Every panel flows through the world of Madame Frankenstein bringing the reader into the story. It is just fantastic.

Madame Frankenstein is a fresh take on a classic story with fantastic visuals.

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