Lord Of The Jungle #6 Review

Following on from the last issue, Lord Of The Jungle #6 attempts to show Tarzan adapting to civilized life. Whilst its effective in some areas, there are portions of this issue that feel somewhat lacking.

The official description from Dynamite:

Cannibalistic man-apes… pirates… gigantic crocodiles… horny gorillas… Tarzan and Jane Porter have survived a lot! But they will face their most devious adversary yet – not in the jungle, but on the mean streets of Baltimore. Jane has attracted the unwanted attention of a notorious gangster, who wants to marry her so he will appear “respectable”. Normally Jane would tell him to take a hike, but her father is deeply in the gangster’s debt! Tarzan travels halfway around the world to save her, but his savage instincts threaten to rip him and Jane apart forever. Don’t miss Lord of the Jungle #6: The Light of Civilization, the thrilling conclusion to the lord of Greystoke’s first adventure!

My main problem with this issue is the speed of the plot development. Within the issue, the treasure from last issue is resolved, as well as the issue of Tarzan’s original father. These two were always hinted at strongly, and its a shame that the whole resolution is done 6 issues in. Considering Tarzan only left the jungle last issue, this is looking to be a very quick series in terms of narrative advancement.

Likewise, the romance that takes up the majority of this issue is rather quick. It feels a little forced, too, since its established and somewhat resolved within one issue. There is little in the way of suspense or a cliff hanger.

As for Tarzan himself, whilst I was glad the previous issue skipped important segments, I feel the title moves too fast here. If readers accept he managed to learn and speak fluent French, then they might accept his ability to fit into civilized life. Only a violent scene, clearly staged to suggest that he hasn’t, would suggest other wise. What’s harder to believe are the little details; how long has Tarzan had to learn how to drive?

That said, if you’re looking for plot developments, this is the highlight of Lord of the Jungle #6. The artwork is of a good standard, but with a lot of focus on the supporting cast, it doesn’t have as much chances to shine. There aren’t any jungle sequences, giving none of the contrast that previous issues supplied.

Whilst it is certainly readable, its lack of development into the next issue leaves the title feeling a little too constructed.


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