Lady Killer #4 Review

When you are a lady assassin and you have a family, the only thing worse than being found out is being burned and Josie is about to get burned. Will she make it out of this one alive? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Josie is a happily dedicated housewife and mother in 1960s suburban Seattle—but she’s keeping a secret from her family: she’s also a contract killer with nerves of steel! But when the tables turn and she finds herself with a target on her own back, she looks for answers from another mysterious, deadly woman!


Josie is kind of a bad ass but she has had some issues lately with keeping the balance of her work as an assassin and her own family issue. Well it seems that she may have some more free time if she doesn’t get killed first. It is a pretty spectacular issue because we get a look at her getting burned by her own organization and then we get a look at someone else who may hold the key to her survival if they don’t kill each other first. I did feel that this issue had low stakes and that it wasn’t as exciting as other issue but it still was fun.

Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich are fantastic writers, even though, this issue wasn’t my favorite. The characters are fully thought out but you learn something new with every issue that keeps me coming back for me. It is really something special going on with these two.

Joelle Jones does double duty on the comic, drawing it as well. There is a nice style that goes into every issue that brings the style and time that this comic is taking place in. It is very fun.

Lady Killer #4 is not the best but still is a lot of fun.

  • + Josie is a badass
  • + New characters add more world
  • + Vintage style
  • - The stakes are really low

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