Kick-Ass 3 #5 Review


Things are certainly changing for these real-world heroes, but is their enough to this sordid tale of vigilantism to still carry an audience?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

At long last, the earth-shattering event destined to tear apart the Kick-Ass universe forever: Dave gets a girlfriend! Also, a new vigilante team known only by their Skull and Bones masks makes its presence known.

Kick-Ass 3 5_CWhat’s going to strike people about this particular release, is how genuine the subtle but consistent evolution toward these serious parables has been. It’s never fallen under its own weight, even as the societal references and comedic attempts threaten to derail its natural progression.  To the creative team’s credit they’ve crafted something that works on several noticeable levels, as we see our primary and secondary players reach a crossroads in their existence.

Mark Millar pens the script and the seasoned scribe offers up themes that are sure to push and pull even seasoned members of his dedicated audience.  Kick-Ass is facing a bit of an identity crisis but as he comes to terms with that, things are quickly escalating for his costumed friends.   That’s what makes this tale accessible.  We’re seeing a boy become the man he always wanted to be but in the process he’s abandoning what initially allowed him to grow beyond his adolescence.  There are stumbles with some conversation pieces, but nothing that prevents it from being a worthy addition to the franchise.

The art by John Romita Jr. is more than up to the task, as his unique and action oriented vision brings an appropriate level of violence to these proceedings.  I’ll be candid, I’ve had many conversations with my fellow fanboys and fangirls about his renditions, so I know there are people out there who would disagree with me, but for my hard earned cash he’s one of my favorite illustrators.  The way he captures any given scene and the cinematic touch he brings to each and every panel is uncanny.

Kick-Ass 3 #5 is a comic book that stumbles slightly, just as it reaches a steady stride. Recommended.



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