Judge Dredd_334

Judge Dredd Megazine #334

Judge Dredd_334

Alongside 2000AD, we also have the sister publication of Judge Dredd Megazine. This month in Judge Dredd Megazine #334, we have Judge Dredd, Hondo-City Justice, American Reaper II and Insurrection III.

First up is Judge Dredd. This month is a fairly humorous one-shot by John Wagner. The writing clashes the romantic elements with the ‘tough guy’ act of the titular character and it works well. Through in some funny dialogue, references and some decent action in the middle, and this isn’t a bad sampling of Judge Dredd.

Next up is Hondo-City Justice. Robbbie Morrison offers an action-filled script; one that is made all the better by the art team. Mike Collins puts in plenty of detail, which is made full use of through Len O’Grady’s inks. Together this offers a detailed, explosive insight into a mega-city far more exotic than the typical setting of Mega City One.

After this is American Reaper II. Although there is a plot, this is mostly a drawn out action sequence. The highlight is definately the visuals offered by Clint Langley and Fay Dalton. Part highly-detailed art and part artistic Photoshop, the hyper-realistic, vibrant neon style is highly distinctive, and goes well with the futuristic setting.

Finally, we have Insurrection III. Dan Abnett is an old hand at writing for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, so it should be no surprise that Insurrection III has a very promising script. It starts off slow, but the interesting grey scale visuals courtesy of Colin Macneil make for an interesting read none the less. That said, things seldom stay dull and this title is shaping up to be rather exciting.


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