Judge Dredd #28 Review


Judge Dredd is hot on the trail of Judge Cal and the lid of the whole situation but with a city that is going insane, will Dredd make it out a live? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

“Mega-City Manhunt,” conclusion—The long run is over, and Dredd wants Chief Justice Cal to answer for his crimes! But Mega-City One is already in twitchy, paranoid chaos (namely thanks to the events of the previous 27 issues). What will the news of Cal’s deceptions do to the soul of the city? That’s when Judge Anderson comes up with a shocking solution that could change the Meg forever…

JDredd-28-pr-3-8fcd1This issue is crazy awesome. The last time we saw Dredd, there was a bounty on his head and everyone was on the hunt. He seemed to be doing alright but, then, he got taken for ride by a mother and her child that want and deserve the bounty, so with Dredd on the brink of death we get a look into his mind, where Anderson is trying her best to survive with Dredd’s memories coming to get her. It is a very intense issue and quickly paced. It is kind of perfect and the ending is fantastic. You most definitely have to check it out.

Duane Swierczynski really delivers on this issue. It is really a fantastic issue that works on so many levels. It does so much to bring the story forward and keep you on the edge of your seat. I really do enjoy the ending of this issue.

Nelson Daniel continues to bring the art that pops off the page. It is a very action packed episode and has plenty of detail. You will just love this issue and the way it looks.

Judge Dredd #28 is a fantastic addition to the exciting arc.

  • + Anderson really takes reigns in this issue
  • + Judge Dredd fights for his life
  • + Fantastic imagery inside Dredd's head
  • + A lot of fun.

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