Judge Dredd #23 Review

Judge Dredd gets healed and tries to take back his city but the new acting Chief Justice has different plans.

‘Black Light District, part 2′ – Sector One is under the savage rule of the Dark Judges. The Council of Five has gone underground to survive. And the rest of Mega-City One has been taken over by Judge Cal, who sees this as the perfect opportunity to institute a few tiny changes to your average citizen’s liberty, safety and security. Only Judge Dredd and a barely-alive Cassandra Anderson are able to slip through the borders, leaving them the unenviable task of preventing hell on earth and the mad reign of a despot!

So the cool thing about this series right now, is the fact that Judge Anderson is in Dredd’s headJDredd-23-pr-1-f1667 and can help him out. It is very interesting. That comes into play in this issue the whole time. It starts with Dredd searching and trying to figure out the best way to stop all the evil that is going on but he feels uneasy. It is then revealed that Judge Cal has microbots that look at every move all over the city and they are set on Dredd. This reveals that the inhabitants of this city are so scared to do anything that they have gone crazy and will stand still, it is really just crazy. This happens and the evil of Judge Cal is seen with Dredd and more. However, the ending is very cool and really sets up for the big finale of the next issue.

Duane Swierczynski does a great job of really stretching out the world of Judge Dredd. He makes the villains evil, and makes Dredd a badass. He is a fantastic writer.

Nelson Daniel is a fantastic artist. The way that this feels like a comic book and looks just like it is perfect. He realty paints the world and shows the grave problems facing it. It is crazy.


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