Journey Into Mystery #650 Review

Sif & the Berzerkers (awesome band name btw) have returned to Asgardia. How will they be able to acclimate to life there in the state they are in?

Here is the summary from Marvel:

BERSERKERS GONE…well, YOU KNOW! Sif battles to contain one of her Berserker pals’ murderous rampage..! Can she come to terms with her new abilities and serve Asgard…? The GUT-RIPPING CONCLUSION!!

Sif returns to Asgardia and it is not the most happiest of reunions. Heimdall is still pissy about her going all Berzerker and she begins to doubt herself as she visits the witch who enchanted her in order to find out what happened. Needless to say that this talk only disheartens her more as she learns more of why she did the things she did. Things get worse as one of her men starts to go berserk in downtown Broxton.

Kathryn Immonen keeps the focus on Sif which makes for some good character development for our Asgardian heroine. She still cares deeply for her home and the people in it, but she was just tired of not being able to do more for them. Whether she was really under the Berzerker spell or if she finally let go of her inhibitions is up for debate but it adds another layer to her character. The other Berzerkers are simple folk, but still fun (their 1st time eating pizza is quite humorous) and besides Svid (the jerk) the adjust pretty well to life in new Asgardia.

Valerio Schiti & Jodie Bellaire continue to do wonders on art & colors respectively. The action (while not overally present) is handled really well and as always Asgardia is a marvel to look at. Schiti has a knack for making the action engaging and the more heart warming moments enjoyable. The end scene where Sif is playing with kids in the snow is really nice and a good way to draw Sif’s harrowing to a nice close.

Journey Into Mystery #650 brings satisfying end to Sif’s 1st arc as main character of the series. Kathryn Immonen does a great job of telling her first story in the book, fraught with action and self-discovery. Schiti & Bellaire also excel at keeping the story viasually appealing to go along with the fluid story (even it was a little rocky at times). I look forward to the next “Journey” Sif goes on as the series moves forward.


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