Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Down Town #2 Review


Harry and Molly are having a terrible time trying to save the world and their own hides but what is the creature and how did it get here? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

Something large, ruthless and possessed of supernatural power is smashing its way through Chicago-not to mention some of its residents. Harry and Molly are desperate to end its trail of destruction, but first they need to figure out what the blasted thing is. Further complicating matters is the involvement of “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone, the city’s most powerful mob boss and recent signatory of the Unseelie Accords. Marcone’s determined to find the creature, too-and if he has to go through Harry, so be it.

DresdTown02-1-7fac6Man o’ man, do you have to take a look at this issue. First off, it seems that this may not be the best issue but then it kicks into high gear with plenty of feels to go around. This whole issue is about going in blind. Harry and Molly have no idea what this creature is so they don’t know how to defeat him. Then, you have a mob boss who is trying to get involved. Now he isn’t a clear bad guy but he is not helping out the cause. It is very well done and fast paced.

Jim Butcher and Mark Powers do some fantastic work. It isn’t perfect but it is a lot of fun. The way that characters interact is so simple and fun, that you have to really enjoy it and believe these characters.

Carlos Gomez does some great stuff with the art. He pretty much created a creature, because you aren’t sure exactly what it is, out of nothing and made it visually interesting. Also, he knows how to draw action and you will love it.

Down Town #2 is turning out be a fantastic new story.

  • + Harry and Molly kick some butt
  • + Some great reveals
  • + Awesome visuals
  • - Doesn't go all the way there

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