Jennifer Blood #25 Review

Following last month’s journey into the Blute family past, does the main story get back on track?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

She is no longer orphaned teen Jessica Blute, or suburban mom Jen Fellows, or the criminal known as Jennifer Blood.

She is now just another inmate of Las Chacales Women’s Correctional Facility. Friendless. Alone. Stabbed in the back a dozen times by her fellow prisoners. Bleeding out into the dirt.

As I close the final page of yet another successful outing for this franchise, I can’t help but smile at the work on display here.  From the text to the visual aspects therein this creative team always comes out to play in a way that should please their fans even as this comic book turns 25.

When it comes to reviewing this morbid but endlessly engrossing series, I find myself impressed with the subtle details that new writer Michael Carroll brought to the proverbial table.  With his script turned in the author sees fit to expand the cast slightly while offering a few insights to the nature of our heroine. These details and moments may not be something altogether unexpected but in a way they illuminate the core mechanics that make her tick while highlighting her ability to persevere against the most insurmountable odds. But don’t worry fight fans, even though she’s injured and in prison there’s still plenty of brutal violence to sate any anxious appetites.

Eman Cassalos continues to make this comic book authentic with each proverbial line.  Whether he’s asked to illustrate conversations with therapists or a prison yard brawl, his unique pencil strokes deliver a more than competent set of renditions that yield a visceral visual experience.  I was very impressed with the work on display as he illustrates a subtle but quick evolution in Jessica Blute that will surely have enthusiasts talking as they await next month’s release.

Jennifer Blood #25 is not for everyone but trust me this is another exemplary release that’s worth the money you’ll pay for it and the time you’ll take re-reading it. Highly recommended.


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