It Girl & The Atomics #3 Review


It Girl continues her first adventure into her career as a solo adventurer. But can she handle it?

Here is the synopsis from Image:

The Skunk’s old gang is up to trouble, and It Girl has a few choice words for the man who killed her sister. But who’s the shadowy presence that follows her wherever she goes, and can she and the rest of the Atomics stop a crime spree before it starts?

Now I’ll admit I am going into this comic pretty blind since I didn’t read the first two issues, but luckily the summary helps out with some of the confusion. We start with the last issue left off, with It Girl & The Atomics searching for the ex-criminal the Skunk to ascertain the location of the ex-con’s old gang who are being led by¬† Lava Wah-Wah, a video game character come to life, a mysterious villainess who has connection to It Girl’s past.

Jamie S. Rich creates a witty and interesting script that’s not too complex but not too simple at the same time. With a bit of detail given on It Girl’s frustrations about superhero work. It’s a lot of fun to read and it reads kind of like a Saturday morning cartoon how all the characters interact with one another. Each with their own distinct personalities and traits. You really start to get interested in these characters. These factors make for a really enjoyable story.

Adding to the Saturday morning cartoon vibe, Mike Norton‘s illustrations are another highlight of the book. A subtle whimsical style that really flows together nicely. Each character is detailed well, from the heroes, to the villains, even to the background characters. Each one is distinguishable from the other. The art really doesn’t feel like it’s slowing the story down, keeping the pace nicely and adding to the overall feel of the book.

All in all while the dialogue may be a bit off at times, it is still a very enjoyable, with a nice story and gorgeous art. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys superhero books. Pick this up, but start from the beginning.


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