Invincible #99 Review


With Invincible #99 we’re just a single issue away from the big one-double-o, and, presumably, the death of a major character (or characters if you want to believe the story title and the marketing hype). Here’s the official description from Image: 

Invincible Vs. Dinosaurus for the fate of the world! Could this be the end of Mark Grayson?!

I had mixed emotions when this storyline began last month, and #99 hasn’t really changed anything. While the Image marketing machine has understandably built up the events leading up to and in the one hundredth issue, the book itself has so far failed to create the sense of epic scale that the events of the storyline demand. In this newest issue, Invincible fights Dinosaurus as the rest of earth’s heroes struggle to contain the global disaster. While the fight is certainly epic, no amount of conversation can convey how serious this situation is.

In what I imagine was a mutual decision between writer Robert Kirkman and artist Ryan Ottley, the entire issue is composed of single-panel pages, so rather than being treated to a never-ending montage of punches, the fighting is distilled into a handful of fantastically rendered images. This makes the fight seem appropriately grandiose and larger-than-life. The downside is that the story doesn’t advance very much, and the global disaster supposedly taking place seems less than apocalyptic.

Ryan Ottley’s work for this issue is truly impressive. Thanks to the huge panels, half a dozen of this issue’s pages could be turned into posters. Dinosaurus, in particular, looks great and is probably the most well-drawn anthropomorphic lizard I’ve ever seen (it’s a longer list that you might think).

Invincible is one of those books where someone has to be naked or at least shirtless every couple issues, but this time around Mark loses his costume just because a building falls on him, so that’s a bit off.

From the very beginning, “The Death of Everyone” has suffered from having too much story to tell in too-small a space, and that problem persists. While I don’t really foresee the story righting itself in next month’s concluding, extra-sized issue, there’s always a chance.


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  • mooiemooie

    Man, Invincible is terrible now. Everything is so simplistic and dumb, peaking with Dinosaurus’ “HURR I’M BEING A VILLAIN FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND” motivations with plans that are not only unclear (just vaguely flooding cities so people will move out, so they’ll… Not use as much machinery, I guess?) but also nowhere near as smart as Kirkman seems to think they are. The villain with “good” intentions is so cliched here without any sort of thoughtfulness or originality put into the character. It works on fourth graders but beyond that I can’t imagine readers haven’t read the same thing done a million times better (you know, with dialogue that doesn’t repeat the same simplistic point over and over and narrative devices such as, say, character development).

    I’ve been riding the lousy book out until 100, but I’m psyched to get off after that. There are too many good books out there right now to waste time with such an awfully written story.

    • Jeff Wiesneski

      I disagree with you, and still think Invincible is one of the best comics money can buy.