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Written By: David Schulner

Art By: Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano

Cover By: Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano

Description: From ROBERT KIRKMAN’s Skybound imprint, comes a sci-fi story like you’ve never seen before! Dr. Luke Taylor’s perfect life comes to a dramatic halt when an identical, bloodied version of himself arrives at his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones… and they’re all after his pregnant wife and their unborn child!

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Great Pacific #1 – GEM OF THE MONTH

Written By: Joe Harris

Art By: Martìn Morazzo

Cover By: Martìn Morazzo

Description: “TRASHED!”, Part One

Chas Worthington dreams of big things, solving bigger problems, and making his mark on the world. Only no one takes the twenty-one year-old heir to one of the biggest oil fortunes in history very seriously. That is, until he turns his back on his cushy life of wealth and prestige, and seeks to solve an environmental disaster twice the size of his native Texas known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The epic sci-fi adventure and survival tale begins!

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Comeback #1 (of 5)

Written By: Ed Brisson

Art By: Michael Walsh

Cover By: Michael Walsh

Description: Reconnect is more than a company – it’s an opportunity for good. Reconnect can reverse tragedy by sending agents into the past to rescue your mother, your wife, your brother or father or child moments before their untimely death. Mark is one of these agents. He brings the rescued from the past to the present, to a blessed reunion with their loved ones. He saves lives…or does he?

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50

Nowhere Men #1

Written By: Eric Stephenson

Art By: Nate Bellegarde and Jordie Bellaire

Cover By: Nate Bellegarde and Fonografiks

Description: “SCIENCE IS THE NEW ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.” So said Dade Ellis, Simon Grimshaw, Emerson Strange and Thomas Walker at the dawn of a new age of enlightenment that ushered in a boom in scientific advancement. As the research supergroup World Corp., they became the most celebrated scientists of all time. They changed the world – and we loved them for it. But where did it all go wrong? And when progress is made at any and all cost, who ultimately pays the price?

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Storm Dogs #1 (of 6)

Written By: David Hine

Art By: Doug Braithwaite and Ulises Arreola

Cover By: Doug Braithwaite

Description: DAVID HINE and DOUG BRAITHWAITE are re-united for Season One of this science-fiction crime thriller. A uniquely skilled team arrives on a frontier planet to investigate a series of bizarre and violent deaths. Forced to rely on primitive technology, they soon learn what it means to be aliens in a hostile environment. If they are to unravel the mysteries of Amaranth they will also have to learn what it is to be human.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50

Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under! #1 (of 5)

Written By: Todd Dezago

Art By: Craig Rousseau

Cover A By: Craig Rousseau

Cover B By: Jim Starlin

Description: When an Australian contingent of Bedlam goes missing, the remaining agents from the American teams join forces to find them. But what foul Beast lurks beneath the billabongs?

Plus: Requiem for a gremlin.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC/ E / $3.50

Where is Jake Ellis? #1 (of 5)

Written By: Nathan Edmondson

Art By: Tonci Zonjic

Cover By: Tonci Zonjic

Description: “CHAPTER SIX,”

Jon is in hiding. For almost a year, he has survived on his own in a remote corner of the world, but the powers behind the Facility have not forgotten him. The most wanted man in the world is soon in the crosshairs of powerful and mysterious people, and he will not be able to stop them on his own.

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.50

Witch Doctor: Malpractice #1 (of 6)

Written By: Brandon Seifert

Art By: Lukas Ketner

Cover By: Lukas Ketner

Description: The breakout medical horror hit from ROBERT KIRKMAN’s Skybound imprint is back on call!

Even the world’s leading expert in supernatural disease needs to unwind sometimes. But when Dr. Morrow wakes up with no memory of what – and who! – he did last night, is it just a case of partying too hard… or something more malignant? (Hint: It’s the malignant one!)

“Terrifying, hilarious, and above all else, smart.” – The A.V. Club

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99

Star Bright and the Looking Glass HC

Written By: Jonathan Luna

Art By: Jonathan Luna

Cover By: Jonathan Luna

Description: When Star Bright, a forest maiden, encounters an evil sorceress who steals her beauty, she must embark on a dangerous journey with her animal friends – Toad, Owl and Capybara – to retrieve it.

JONATHAN LUNA, of THE LUNA BROTHERS (GIRLS, THE SWORD, ULTRA), makes his solo debut, writing and illustrating an original fairy-tale picture book of prose and 33 full-page watercolor illustrations in a 9×12” hardcover format.

NOVEMBER 14 / 72 PAGES / FC / OVERSIZED / E / $19.99

Retrovirus HC

Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Art By: Norberto Fernandez

Cover By: Amanda Conner

Description: When Zoe, a brilliant young scientist who specializes in identifying extinct viruses, is offered a job at a remote research facility in Antarctica, she soon discovers her employer has unearthed a perfectly preserved Neanderthal. That is only one of the many dark secrets lurking at the facility as Zoe races against time to stop a global pandemic.

In the vein of Andromeda Strain, Altered States and Jurassic Park, RETROVIRUS seamlessly blends human drama, action, science fiction and horror in a 64 page graphic novel written by JIMMY PALMIOTTI & JUSTIN GRAY (QUEEN CRAB, JONAH HEX, CREATOR-OWNED HEROES) and illustrated by NORBERTO FERNANDEZ (THE TATTERED MAN).

NOVEMBER 21 / 64 PAGES / FC / M / 12.99

Thought Bubble Anthology 2012

Written By: Warren Ellis, Richard Starkings, Gail Simone and Ivan Brandon

Art By: Skottie Young, Dave Johnson, Sean Phillips, Fiona Staples, Tony Harris, Barry Kitson, Boo Cook, Emma Vieceli and Leigh Gallagher

Cover By: Tran Nguyen

Description: A collection of new short stories by some of the best in the business for the UK’s Thought Bubble Festival which takes place in Leeds, Northern England from the 11th to 18th November 2012. All profits go to the charity Barnardos.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / E / $3.99

Spawn #225

Written By: Todd McFarlane

Art By: Szymon Kudranski

Cover By: Todd McFarlane

Description: “DE-PROGRAMMED,” Part One

MILESTONE 225th issue! AND…FOR THE FIRST TIME…the results of a Presidential Election will directly affect the events to come.

On November 6th, the citizens of the United States of America will select their Commander In Chief. The winner, and his goals and agendas, will play a role in shaping the next stage in Jim Downing’s evolution.

Meanwhile…Jim’s long search for answers about his past comes to an end in this two-part story, featuring the return of fan-favorite villain, Jason Wynn.

Wynn, the master puppeteer whose manipulations led to Al Simmons’ original fall from grace, now lays bare the full truth regarding Jim’s role in “The Project.” But what are Wynn’s true intentions? And what ramifications do they have on global events.

RETAILERS: This issue contains two alternate endings – one featuring Barack Obama, the other Mitt Romney. Both are available to order using the unique product codes listed in the order form.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Spawn: Origins Collection Deluxe Edition Three

Written By: Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin

Art By: Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane and Danny Miki

Description: SPAWN: ORIGINS COLLECTION DELUXE EDITION THREE features the iconic stories of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and is chock full of superstar artist Greg Capullo’s pencil work.

This limited edition, deluxe, oversized, slip cased, hardcover book presents 25 previously released sold-out issues of classic Spawn stories in all-new size and format. Additional material includes color and black and white cover galleries, never-before-seen art and all bonus material from the six-issue trade paperbacks and 12-issue hardcovers as well! This is the absolute top tier of the SPAWN: ORIGINS family of books! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Collects SPAWN 51-75.

NOVEMBER 14 / 712 PG / FC / T+ / $100 / S/N ED $150

Spawn 20th Anniversary Poster #4 (of 4)


Art By: Clayton Crain

Description: Finish Todd McFarlane Productions’ yearlong celebration of 20 years of Spawn in style! The final installment of our 2012 quarterly poster program is going out with a bang! Fan-favorite artist CLAYTON CRAIN offers up this memorable digitally painted masterpiece for your walls. Sized perfectly for framing, you don’t want to miss the last installment of the 20th Anniversary poster series!

NOVEMBER 14 / 24” x 36” / FC / $9.99

The Couriers Complete Collection TP

Written By: Brian Wood

Art By: Rob G and Bret Weldele

Cover By: Rob G

Description: Collecting the complete four-volume saga, including the prequel graphic novel, Couscous Express, this epic story from 2002-2005 is the hyper-violent, tongue-in-cheek tale of mercenary bike messengers in New York City who do the jobs no one else will: the black market runs, the smuggling, the hits and the double crosses. THE COURIERS COMPLETE COLLECTION represents the bulk of creator-writer BRIAN WOOD’s (DMZ, Demo, The Massive, The X-Men) early-‘00s work, and with artwork by ROB G (Teenagers From Mars, REPO, Detective Comics) and BRETT WELDELE (The Surrogates, Southland Tales) it’s a crucial addition to any reader’s bookshelf.

NOVEMBER 21 / 360 PAGES / BW / M / $24.99

Scene of the Crime Deluxe HC

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Art By: Michael Lark and Sean Phillips

Cover By: Michael Lark and Sean Phillips

Description: From the co-creators of Gotham Central and FATALE comes a lost crime noir masterpiece. Long out of print, and presented here for the first time in an oversized hardback edition, SCENE OF THE CRIME was the first time ED BRUBAKER and MICHAEL LARK worked together – before their acclaimed runs on Daredevil and Gotham Central – and it was inked by SEAN PHILLIPS, who also designed this deluxe edition.

This is where it all began, with a hard-hitting mystery story, a modern day “Chinatown” that garnered nominations for Best Miniseries and Best Writer in the 2000 Eisner Awards. Also included in this new collection are behind the scenes art and stories, a new foreword by BRUBAKER, and many other extras. This is the book you’ll want on your shelves.

NOVEMBER 14 / 128 PAGES / FC / OVERDIZED / M / $24.99

Alpha Girl Vol. 1 TP

Written By: Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning

Art By: Diego Simone, Robert Love and Dana Shukartsi

Cover By: Diego Simone

Description: What happens when a third rate cosmetics company accidentally creates a pheromone that transforms the female population into man eating monsters? Enter the world of Alpha Girl, and follow Judith Meyers on her quest to survive and rescue her little brother from the vaginapocalypse.

Collects ALPHA GIRL #1-5, as well as pin-ups and more!

NOVEMBER 7 / 136 PAGES / FC / M / $14.99

Danger Club, Vol. 1 TP

Written By: Landry Q. Walker

Art By: Eric Jones

Cover By: Eric Jones

Description: Faced with the deadliest peril the universe has ever known, the world’s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil… and they never came back. Now only their teenage sidekicks remain. Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle for dominance destroy them?
Collects DANGER CLUB #1-4 and includes a special never before seen sketchbook section

NOVEMBER 7 / 102 PAGES / FC / T+ / $9.99

Enormous Deluxe Edition HC

Written By: Tim Daniel

Art By: Mehdi Gheggour

Cover By: Mehdi Gheggour


In the midst of a planetary collapse, a vast ecological cataclysm spawns THE ENORMOUS, massive beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. Humankind struggles to stave off extinction and the only law is to hunt or be hunted! Presenting the original 64 page story, and scores of extra materials including: original creature concepts, character designs, the unpublished prequel “It’s The Little Things,” promotional art, pinups, and more.

RETAILER NOTE: This book is ADVANCE SOLICITED for a December 12 release.

DECEMBER 12 / 96 PAGES / FC / T+ / $16.99

Frank Cho: Women Book 2 HC

Art By: Frank Cho

Cover By: Frank Cho

Description: This is the second art collection book by the internationally renowned and Emmy Award-winning master artist, FRANK CHO. This book highlights the latest covers, pin-ups, illustrations, paintings and sketches by FRANK CHO, including art from his recent Liberty Meadows project. This book contains the images of women in various states of undress and in full cheesecake glory. Definitely not for the faint of heart and Tea-bag Republicans.

NOVEMBER 7 / 80 PAGES / FC / M / $24.99

Witchblade: Rebirth Vol. 2 TP

Written By: Tim Seeley

Art By: Diego Bernard, Fred Benes and Arif Prianto

Cover By: John Tyler Christopher


The upstart creative team of TIM SEELEY (HACK/SLASH, BLOODSTRIKE) and DIEGO BERNARD (The Man With No Name) continues their hot run on Top Cow’s flagship title! Even as Sara Pezzini tries to settle into her new life in Chicago, the Witchblade’s talent for seeking out weirdness pulls her into bizarre case after bizarre case. This volume sees Pezzini dealing with mercenary mana-hunters, spirit realms, fantastical steampunk warriors, and the most distilled embodiment of evil she’s ever encountered. And that’s before the local cops and corrupt political system complicates her life…

Featuring a complete cover gallery alongside a host of bonus content and extras, this trade is a must for anyone curious about Top Cow’s REBIRTH!

Collects WITCHBLADE #156-#160.

NOVEMBER 14 / 160 PAGES / FC / T+ / $16.99

Soho Dives, Soho Divas TP

Art By: Rian Hughes

Cover By: Rian Hughes

Description: RIAN HUGHES (YESTERDAY’S TOMORROWS, TALES FROM BEYOND SCIENCE, design work for Marvel and DC) has created a unique series of portraits of London’s underworld burlesque artists. Collected here are stylish and erotic sketches from life, bold graphic illustrations and beautiful paintings in an eclectic variety of media and styles. Contains mild nudity.

NOVEMBER 7 /360 PAGES / FC / 6×9 INCHES / M / $29.99 / LIMITED EDITION HC $49.99

Tales From Beyond Science HC

Written By: Mark Millar, Alan McKenzie and John Smith

Art By: Rian Hughes

Cover By: Rian Hughes

Description: Follow your host Hilary Tremayne on eight surreal journeys into the unknown. Discover the truth behind the mysteries of spontaneous human combustion, the Bermuda Triangle, the lost 13th month, and the real reason men have nipples.

Drawn by RIAN HUGHES and written by a Rogue’s Gallery of Britain’s finest comic writers that includes MARK MILLAR (KICK ASS, WANTED), ALAN MCKENZIE (THE HARRISON FORD STORY) and JOHN SMITH (DEVIN WAUGH), this hardcover volume collects the complete series.

NOVEMBER 14 / 88 PAGES / FC / T / $16.99

The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear TP

Written By: Robert Kirkman

Art By: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

Cover By: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

Description: In this volume of the NYT bestselling survival horror, Rick and his band of survivors work to build a larger network of thriving communities, and soon discover that Negan’s “Saviors” prove to be a larger threat than they could have fathomed. Crossing Negan will lead to serious, dire consequences for the group; it seems that for the first time since the Governor’s reign of terror that Rick may have Something to Fear.

Collects THE WALKING DEAD 97-102

NOVEMBER 21 / 144 PAGES / BW / M / $14.99

The Walking Dead Covers, Vol. 2 HC

Written By: Robert Kirkman

Art By: Charlie Adlard

Cover By: Charlie Adlard

Description: In the build-up to the 10th Anniversary of THE WALKING DEAD, Image Comics and Skybound presents this full-color hardback collection of the second 50 covers of the series, as well as covers for the various collected editions of the series, with added sketch material and commentary by series creator/writer Robert Kirkman, and artist, CHARLIE ADLARD.

OCTOBER 3 / 144 PAGES / BW / M / $24.99

The Walking Dead “Kill Them All” T-Shirt

Art By: Charlie Adlard

Description: Just in time for his debut in Season 3 on AMC – an all-new t-shirt featuring everyone’s favorite bad guy from ROBERT KIRKMAN’s THE WALKING DEAD, the Governor! Featuring artwork by CHARLIE ADLARD. Available as a black shirt or a white shirt.

NOVEMBER 7 / S-XL $19.99 / XXL $22.99

Super Dinosaur “Dynamo” T-Shirt

Art By: Jason Howard

Description: Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo are ready to jump into action in this dynamic T-shirt. Featuring artwork by JASON HOWARD. Available in both youth and adult sizes.

NOVEMBER 7 / S-XL $19.99 / XXL $22.99 / Youth S-L $19.99

The Activity #11

Written By: Nathan Edmondson

Art By: Mitch Gerads

Cover By: Mitch Gerads


There is a bomb in Minneapolis, and Team Omaha finds themselves poised to stop it – while back at the ISA headquarters, a grave revelation is about to come to light.

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.50

Artifacts #24

Written By: Ron Marz

Art By: Stjepan Sejic

Cover By: Stjepan Sejic

Description: Tom Judge knows the world around him is not the world that should exist. He also knows that Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado is responsible for perverting the universe. Tom is determined to confront Jackie to set things right, but first he will need Sara, bearer of the Witchblade, to back him up.

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99

Bedlam #2

Written By: Nick Spencer

Art By: Riley Rossmo

Cover By: Frazer Irving

Description: “Swing Low.”

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / M  /$3.50

Black Kiss #4 (of 6)

Written By: Howard Chaykin

Art By: Howard Chaykin

Cover By: Howard Chaykin

Description: Our spiritual twins, united by a bridge of flesh, careen through Mardi Gras in 1962…

…And a mirrored ball is all the light Beverly needs as New York goes pitch black –with a smear of red – in 1977.

NOVEMBER 7 / 24 PAGES / BW / M / $2.99

Bloodstrike #34

Written By: Rob Liefeld

Art By: Rob Liefeld

Cover By: Rob Liefeld

Description: Cabbot awakens on a mysterious island – prisoner of a powerful foe. Meanwhile, back home, a new Bloodstrike Force is assembled to deal with a dangerous rogue group that is dealing vigilante justice on a global scale. A deadly Brigade has arrived and nothing can be the same again. Shaft! Bloodwulf! Foreplay! Bloodstrike: Assassin! Die-Bold! Shogun! A more mature comic than you might expect from ROB LIEFELD. Rated mature for sexual content and extremely violent situations!

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

Creator Owned Heroes #6

Written By: Steve Niles and Jay Russell, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray

Art By: Andrew Ritchie, Jerry Lando, Paul Mounts and Darwyn Cooke

Cover A By: Andrew Ritchie

Cover B By: Dave Johnson

Description: STARTING: a monthly feature featuring graphic strips and material by DARWYN COOKE.


Locked in a Peruvian Prison, Kill Switch awaits a Mexican hit squad as he tries to discover who put a bounty on his head and why. The bullets fly as our hero is led into a deadly game of death against the world’s best and most eccentric assassins, but the gloves come off when they threaten his family.


His only son is dead, tried and hung for crimes the boy may or may not have committed. Now a father waits by the graveside. All he can do is pray and hope that his only son is not the evil the townspeople claim.

Plus: Interviews, contests, art galleries, con photos, and original articles all celebrating the creator-owned spirit.

NOVEMBER 7 / 48 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

Cyber Force #2

Written By: Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins

Art By: Khoi Pham and Sunny Gho

Cover By: Marc Silvestri


For the first time in history, mankind is outpacing evolution. It takes nature thousands of years to adapt to changes and the things humanity has accomplished technologically in just the past 100 years has thrown its ability to evolve, and in turn survive, completely out of whack. In other words, a world full of wonders and conveniences is being created that none will hope to survive. This dilemma is at the heart of what CYBER FORCE is all about.

The massive corporation CDI continues to engineer technologically enhanced humans. Cyber Force, terrorists or resistance fighters depending on your point of view, try and regroup and reveal the conspiracy that is behind the heart of CDI and its mission. Aphrodite V and Stryker make their debut!

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / FREE (A $2.99 VALUE!)

Danger Club #6

Written By: Landry Q. Walker

Art By: Eric Jones

Cover By: Eric Jones

Description: As all of reality collapses, Kid Vigilante travels through the land of the dead in search of salvation.

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

The Darkness #109

Written By: David Hine

Art By: Jeremy Haun

Cover By: Jeremy Haun

Description: “BREAKING DARK,” Part Four

Jackie Estacado has made a lot of enemies, but he has no idea how powerful the gangster Balakov has become. Without the Darkness at his command, will Jackie be able to protect his family? DAVID HINE (THE DARKNESS: FOUR HORSEMEN, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and JEREMY HAUN (ARTIFACTS, Detective Comics) conclude their second story arc that will question everything you think you know about the Top Cow universe.

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Elephantmen #46

Written By: Richard Starkings

Art By: Shaky Kane

Art By: Shaky Kane and Boo Cook

Description: “BIOHAZARD”

The artist behind BULLETPROOF COFFIN returns to ELEPHANTMEN to tell the disturbing tale of Harry Hazard — a man will quite probably fill you with his disease.

NOVEMBER 7 / 40 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

Epic Kill #6

Written By: Raffaele Ienco

Art By: Raffaele Ienco

Cover By: Raffaele Ienco


Song’s body lies lifeless on the morgue table but her Uncle planned for this outcome and summons her back to the living. Returning from the edge of death is the hardest fight Song has ever faced as her inner demons struggle to keep her in the land of the dead.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Glory #30

Written By: Joe Keatinge

Art By: Ross Campbell and Roman Muradov

Cover By: Kris Anka

Description: “BLOODSHADOW,” Part Two

A battle over one hundred years in the making – sister vs. sister! No one gets out unscathed! Not every bodily limb survives! PLUS: In 1920s Paris, Glory teams up with Ernest Hemingway to take down the greatest villain the city has ever known, illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist ROMAN MURADOV!

 NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99

Guardian the Globe #3

Written By: Phil Hester

Art By: Todd Nauck and John Rauch

Cover By: Todd Nauck and John Rauch

Description: The Guardians continue their routine of defending the world and repairing the damage Set caused in Paris… meanwhile, El Chupacabra runs into a familiar face… but it may not be on friendly terms! Guest starring THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN!

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Hack/Slash #22

Written By: Tim Seeley

Art By: Elena Casagrande

Cover A By: Tim Seeley and Carlos Badilla

Cover B By: Elena Casagrande

Description: “FINAL ,“ Part Three

Cassie and Vlad have lost old friends to the unified slashers attack. Now, they have to gather an army to stop Samhain and his Black Lamp Society…an army of FINAL GIRLS!

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / M MATURE / $3.50

Happy! #3 (of 4)

Written By: Grant Morrison

Art By: Darick Robertson

Cover By: Darick Robertson

Description: With a day left until Christmas, and time running out for Santa’s innocent victims, Happy the Horse learns what turned Nick Sax from golden cop to broken-down hitman. But can he convince Nick to do the right thing or is it Happy’s turn to face some uncomfortable home truths?

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Harvest #4 (of 5)

Written By: A.J. Lieberman

Art By: Colin Lorimer

Cover By: Colin Lorimer

Description: Livers, kidney and lungs oh my! Dr. Benjamin Crane is up to his elbows in blood and guts (literally) when Jason Craven finally tracks him down. Ben grabs the kidney he’s repossessed only to learn that Craven is far more sadistic and vindictive then Ben ever imagined when it comes to protecting his empire.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.50

Hoax Hunters #5

Written By: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley

Art By: Emilio Laiso

Cover By: Joe Eisma

Description: “TAG”

In 1984 New Jersey, a young woman runs from her hidden, devilish past – and the monster that may be hunting her down. Special guest artist EMILIO LAISO (HACK/SLASH) delivers this chilling tale from the Hoax Hunters archives!

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / FC / T + / $2.99

Invincible #98

Written By: Robert Kirkman

Art By: Ryan Ottley

Cover By: Ryan Ottley and John Rauch

Description: “THE DEATH OF EVERYONE,” Part One

The countdown to issue #100 begins here – with the story that will change EVERYTHING for Invincible! Mark’s powers have finally returned, just in time for every life on Earth to rest in his hands. But what will happen when everyone learns that what is happening… is Mark’s fault?

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

It Girl & The Atomics #4

Written By: Jamie S. Rich

Art By: Mike Norton

Cover By: Michael and Laura Allred

Description: “DARK STREETS, SNAP CITY” Part Four

LaLa Wah Wah has It Girl right where she wants her: under her boot! The truth about who this mysterious inter-dimensional villain really is comes to light, and the Atomics will have to rally everything they have to stop her. Featuring art from the Eisner-winning team behind Battlepug!

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / E / $2.99

MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet #2 (of 5)

Written By: Lee David Zlotoff and Tony Lee

Art By: Will Sliney and Ciaran Lucas

Cover By: Andie Tong

Description: The new comic series continues, co-written by MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff! Trapped in Cairo and hunted by both Chinese Intelligence and an army of hitmen for a crime they didn’t commit, MacGyver and Kari race against the clock to find a traitor before their time runs out!

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+  /$3.50

The Manhattan Projects #9

Written By: Jonathan Hickman

Art By: Nick Pitarra and Jordie Bellaire

Description: “BRAVE NEW WORLD”, Part One

Everything clicks into place as we learn about the competing plans of Oppenheimer, Groves, Einstein and von Braun for world domination. Part one of two.


NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.50

Mind the Gap #6

Written By: Jim McCann

Art By: Rodin Esquejo

Cover A By: Rodin Esquejo

Cover B By: Sonia Oback

Description: “WISH YOU WERE HERE,” Part One

New Arc! Great Jumping on point! Join the mystery everyone is talking about!!
As one person sits in a jail cell for the crime of attacking Elle Peterssen, the accuser is running free. Is a pawn about to become pain? Meanwhile, Elle is on the brink of contacting the physical world, but will resurfacing memories drive her further away? This issue begins the ending of many relationships as you know them, secrets laid bare, and not everyone will make it out in one piece…

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #2 (of 4)

Written By: Brandon Graham

Art By: Brandon Graham

Cover By: Brandon Graham

Sexica and her Werewolf boyfriend run into trouble on their way to the Whaling wall while Nura keeps running into different versions of the man she was sent to kill.

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Non-Humans #2 (of 4)

Written By: Glen Brunswick

Art By: Whilce Portacio

Cover By: Whilce Portacio

Description: Detective Aimes has finally caught up with Humphrey—the ventriloquist’s puppet and vicious serial killer that murdered his partner. But if he can’t figure out how to get along with Eden, an overly attractive young detective who’s every word seems to crawl under his skin, they’re both going to wind up dead.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / S2.99

Peter Panzerfaust #8

Written By: Kurtis J. Wiebe

Art By: Tyler Jenkins

Cover By: Tyler Jenkins

Description: “PARIS” Part Three

Time is against the Lost Boys and they only have one shot to save Felix before he’s shipped to Germany. Only one problem: how do you stop a speeding train?

“One of the most consistent books right now, PETER PANZERFAUST continues to amaze.” – Comixosity

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $3.50

Planetoid #5

Written By: Ken Garing

Art By: Ken Garing

Cover By: Ken Garing

Description: Warfare ensues as the tyrannical forces of the Ono Mao attempt to wipe out the planetoid’s only hope for civilization!

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Point of Impact#2 (of 4)

Written By: Jay Faerber

Art By: Koray Kuranel

Cover By: Koray Kuranel

Description: Chapter Two of JAY FAERBER’s thrilling murder mystery! The victim’s secret boyfriend is the prime suspect in her murder – and the cop leading the investigation will stop at nothing to catch him. Meanwhile, the victim’s husband learns there’s a lot about his wife he didn’t know.

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / BW / M / $2.99

Prophet #31

Written By: Brandon Graham, Simon Roy and Giannis Milonogiannis

Art By: Giannis Milonogiannis

Cover By: Boo Cook

Description: Old Man Prophet goes to meet with a lost matriarchal tribe of humanity to try to form an alliance.

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $3.99

Revival #5

Written By: Tim Seeley

Art By: Mike Norton

Cover By: Jenny Frison

Description: Em is going to need her ability to NOT DIE to save May Tao from Blaine’s garage. But something lurks in the forest nearby, and it wants IN.

NOVEMBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Saga #7

Written By: Brian K. Vaughan

Art By: Fiona Staples

Cover By: Fiona Staples

Description: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ smash-hit ongoing series returns! An all-new adventure begins, as new parents Marko and Alana make an unexpected discovery in the vast emptiness of outer space.

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $2.99

Super Dinosaur #16

Written By: Robert Kirkman

Art By: Jason Howard

Cover By: Jason Howard

Description: Why are Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo on the moon? Why not?! There’s a dark secret deep below the surface that could spell doom for our heroes… what is “Inner-Moon?”

NOVEMBER 28 / 32 PAGES/FC/ E / $2.99

Thief of Thieves #10

Written By: Robert Kirkman and James Asmus

Art By: Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano

Cover By: Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano

Description: As Augustus tries his best to save his kidnapped girlfriend from the cartel, Agent Cohen begins to lean in on him for a lead on Redmond. You’ll never guess who he turns to for help with his current situation. Hint: it’s not his father.

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / T+ / $2.99

Think Tank #4

Written By: Matt Hawkins

Art By: Rashan Ekedal and Brian Reber

Cover By: Rashan Ekedal and Brian Reber

Description: The conclusion to the first arc of THINK TANK! Dr. David Loren, slacker genius, must escape the most secure facility in the world and then escape from Fort Meade in the heart of the Washington DC power corridor. The ultimate story of brains versus brawn and a commentary on America’s so-called exceptionalism and military industrial complex.

“THINK TANK grabs you from the very beginning and has you begging for more by the end. A great introduction to a new character and a new world. A must-have for anyone who wants something cool… and who doesn’t want that?” – ROBERT KIRKMAN (THE WALKING DEAD, THIEF OF THIEVES, INVINCIBLE)

NOVEMBER 7 / 32 PAGES / BW / T+ / $3.99

The Walking Dead #104

Written By: Robert Kirman

Art By: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

Cover By: Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

Description: If you won’t handle this… I will.

NOVEMBER 14 / 32 PAGES / BW / M / $2.99

SOURCE: Comics Continuum & Comic Book Resources