If DAN SLOTT Doesn’t Bring Back PETER PARKER I Will Never Shower Again!

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If DAN SLOTT Doesn’t Bring Back PETER PARKER I Will Never Shower Again!

The pictures do all the talking.

I seriously have no pants on, for real for real!


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  • Daniel Cooper

    Maybe I’ll get hate for saying this but I actually like Superior Spider-Man. I was hating on Slott initially for killing off Peter Parker but after reading a few issues I realised it’s actually a good book and a very brave choice to kill off such a beloved character. Though it sucks that Peter Parker is no longer around there are always old trades, the cartoons and movies etc. to get your Parker fill. Meanwhile focus on a solid Superior Spider-man title and a now mediocre Ultimate Spider-man series.

    • Jay

      Ultimate Spidey rules! Anyhoooo, Still not showering, and if Slott Doesn’t Bring Petey back soon I may stop changing my socks!

      • Daniel Cooper

        The quality has picked up recently but Bendis never does well with massive storylines, so Miles’ interactions during the ‘divided we fall’ storyfall disappointed me. BUT It started off great and is brlliant at the moment so personally I am glad they killed off Parker, in both universes actually!

    • Marcell Hines

      Yeah Ultimate is actually the best Spider book out. Yes I said it.

  • superior

    The superior spider-man is nothing to freak out about. It is also a little sad to see an article like this with obvious disrespect for the material. Comics move in circles and in a year or two Peter will be back, in the meantime fueling a pointless flame war will not get you anywhere. Even if you do not like the story commend Marvel for doing something different with it’s characters do not put them down.

    • Jay

      I give Marvel credit for doing something different, too bad “something different” is making me so upset I start a shower boycott. I am the Gandhi of comics and I will stink my way to change!

  • mrkareemruiz

    Can’t take you serious. You don’t ever read Ultmate comics spider-man. If you did you would understand its better then 80% of 616. Give a comic a try before you talk nonsense about it.

    • Jay

      I love Miles, I think it is the best comic out right now. I really hope that was not miss-understood. I was stating the Hippocratic of many fans who state they hate Miles because he took Peter’s place, yet they praise Superior Spider-Man. Sorry for the misunderstanding! I have Ultimate Spidey #24 in front of me right now!

  • fgsfgsgssgrgrsrgs

    Peter parker no more. is already dead…. marvel suck!

  • Rob

    In the first half of last year, the average sales for The Amazing Spider-man were 56,700 units. This year, the average has been 99,900 units. That is a 76% increase in sales. I am one of those guys. Why would I ever pick up a copy of Amazing Spider-man? It was more and more Peter Parker being responsible and guilty and having relationships get erased right? I knew the story. I don’t know what is going to happen in The Superior Spider-man and he is a new character. I, like the many other fans, are actually interested by this development because we are starved for developments.

    Spider-man is not sacred; he’s just a fun character who’s been boring of late. Now that he’s Ock, the readers of the comic book can actually have some fun with it again.