Hoax Hunters #6 Review

Hoax Hunters is back with the start of a new arc. While this series did have a bit of a slow start, it picked up quickly. The last issue was a one-shot story featuring the legendary Jersey Devil, here we have the start of ‘HAUNCHYVILLE.’ This series is pretty unique, there are not many like it. In many ways it’s a parody of those ‘reality’ shows where people look for ghosts and paranormal things. But instead of these characters trying to find prove urban legends true, they want to prove them false even if they’re real. Why? I’m still trying to figure that out, but whatever works. In this issue we have a new (very cool) antagonist and the debut of, are you ready for this…the…Hoax Hunters Hunters!

Here’s the official description from Image:

“HAUNCHYVILLE” At Reality Con, the Hoax Hunters cross paths with the Hoax Hunters Hunters and are issued a challenge: Disprove the legend of the Haunchyville gnomes and their albino king! The start of an all new arc!

The opening could be viewed as a parody showing how truly dumb high school students are in these Blair Witch type of movies. We have the bully forcing a scared-as-crazy nerd into the forest to see if the Haunchyville legend is true. Guess what? It is…and let’s say it doesn’t truly end happy for the students. Back in happy land, the Hoax Hunters grudgingly go into an interview meeting where they meet…the…Hoax Hunters Hunters! (This will never get old.) They challenge the main characters to proving the Legend false, thus the story truly begins. The writing is very good for the most part. The ‘references’ to today’s pop culture could be a little much, I don’t think anyone would mention Dungeons and Dragons while being terrified in the forest. I did get quite a few chuckles, such as when an interviewer says “Do you guys ever hang out with the guys over at Ghost Stalkers?” The funniest thing is when someone calls the government a ‘hoax.’ Moving on to the main event, the reason why we’re here…the…Hoax Hunters Hunters! What’s interesting is that these guys are 100% right when they say the main characters are just covering up. So us the readers like the main characters, but these other guys are right, so…it’s a pretty intriguing complex.

I have no problem with Axel Medellin’s art, it suits this series well. No standout pages, except a rather brutal ‘holy moly!’ one. The antagonist is drawn with a great ‘wow that guy is creepy and cool looking’ factor. The cover shows Regan while showing off her power, a high quality cover. Regan also gets a very interesting dialogue scene with Donovan, the story is really getting interesting since the characters don’t really like that guy.

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Overall, Hoax Hunters #4 had a rather generic start with the usual stereotypical high school students getting demolished by something, but after that it picks up when…the…Hoax Hunters Hunters arrive. These guys are pretty cool to have around as ‘rivals’ to the team. The actual story with the Haunchyville legend is handled well, I am most definitely looking forward to seeing how it continues.


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