Haunt #27 Review

The dynamic duo that makes up the supernatural hero, Haunt, are facing some serious questions as this ghostly series rampages forward.  But should you really even care about the answers?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The Kilgore brothers face a challenge unlike any other – and what is Still Harvey Tubman’s agenda? All this and a “death cherry” on top! Do not miss this issue!

The brothers have come to a bit of a crossroads as one of them is seeing visions and the other is losing patience.  More or less what this issue represents is the culmination of that dynamic, as our heroes come to terms with the cost of their actions while taking small steps forward.  It’s not perfectly handled but the creative team does just enough solid work to cement a rather sturdy foundation for next month’s issue.

Joe Casey pens the script and he does a good job letting the audience revel in a purely character driven piece.  Daniel Kilgore, unlike his brother, has been taking a huge emotional hit from their adventures leading him toward a rather dark place.  The beauty of the narrative at play here is that we finally start to understand more about one of the two protagonists while exploring glimpses of the supernatural.  The problems that arise from the story itself are some off-balance pacing issues and a rather anticlimactic finish.

Nathan Fox handles the art and his pencil work continues to impress.  He imbues the world with a distinctive style as each pencil stroke gives life to this romp while offering a tad bit more deformity than some readers might be comfortable with.  Nonetheless his visual sense is top-notch as it offers panels that carry lavish details that are at times captivating.

Haunt #27 is another good issue for this solid series.  It offers some character development and moves the narrative forward enough to warrant to a purchase.  Recommended.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.tucker.754 Ryan Tucker

    I understand your review but I just can’t get into the new story since they changed the creative team. I am getting use to the new art. However, I do prefer Capullo’ style. They could of used the same story line and gradually move to the darker story as it is now. It was just too dramatic of a move.