Has Daredevil Already Figured Out the Identity of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN?

Warning Spoilers to Amazing Spider-Man #700 follow

Following the shocking (aka stupid as ****) ending to Amazing Spider-Man (you know where the genocidal maniac Doc Ock switched minds with Peter Parker and decided he was gonna be a good guy…) January 16th (coincidentally my birthday, and if you’re wondering I am happy to receive Amazon vouchers, or even just stone cold cash) see’s Dardevil teaming up with Spock (Spidey-Ock, I believe we call him Spock now? Although I personally prefer Craptacular Spider-Douche) to take on Stilt-Man.

In a preview recently posted on Comic Book Resources we see Matt Murdock use his heightened senses to look at CSD’s (Craptacular Spider-Douche…. it’s gonna catch on!) heartbeat, followed by a closeup of his shocked face…. has he just figured out the big secret? or is it something generically boring like he could tell CSD wasn’t lying about something (it’s an unlettered preview, plus would a mind swap even affect his heart beat?) Mark Waid has been knocking it out of the park with this Daredevil series though, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Check out the image below and tell us what you think, the whole concept behind CSD (in case you couldn’t tell) is something I find incredibly bad, and a billion times lamer than the amazing Ben Reilly (seriously I love Benny Boy).

MARK WAID  •  Chris Samnee
Cover by Paolo Rivera
• Daredevil teams up with the ALL NEW Superior Spider-Man!
• Yes, America, we’ve heard your calls! Stilt-Man Is BACK! Better than ever thanks to some last minute help from Doctor Octopus.
• The Eisner and Harvey Award winner for book of the year continues to baffle all of us here at the House of Ideas!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99


Source: Flickering Myth