Hank Pym IS In Ant-Man!

After the huge shit storm that was Comic-Con, we now know the villain of the new Avengers movie. The subtitle was announced formally at a massive panel to be Age Of Ultron. The title shares the name of a recent comic book series hated by nerds, and has given the project a slight amount heat on the internets. Just confirmed was the piece of news regarding Hank Pym not being in the Avengers movie. There was even more news regarding the unlikely hero today as director Edgar Wright confirmed that while he is not the major crux of the movie, Pym is in Ant-Man. With two different superheroes in the movie, this will be a wildly different film than anything we have seen in the past. Speculation continues to run wild about who exactly has created Ultron. This tangled web will hopefully soon be unraveled by Joss Whedon. The Director and writer of the popular film franchise confirmed that he has begun the first draft of the screenplay on his recent appearance in the Nerdist podcast. Here is another look at the test footage for the movie,

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Source: I09