Halo: Escalation #5 Review

A big discovery from our hero’s seems to be the start of getting answers, however, will it be harder than expected or a piece of cake? I assume you know that answer but in case you don’t read on to find out more.

Missing for thirty years, a legendary UNSC warship is discovered deep behind enemy lines. As Infinity plans a rescue mission, however, Admiral Hood’s past with the ship’s captain threatens to jeopardize the mission. The investigation into the UNSC saboteur continues as the journalist infiltrates an Elite holy land in search of answers.

Okay so there are a couple of great moments in this new issue, and there are some great developments that makes this issue worth22705 reading. The first thing that I would like to highlight is the fact that there are some really cool moments with Admiral Hood and this mysterious character that delves into his past. I mean it is really cool and adds some great moments because we know about Hood but not as much of what happened in the past. Also, there are are some great moments and development with the saboteur that really bring to light some of the questions that we have had through this series so far. It is just fantastic of an issue.

The writing for this issue is really great and works well for what it is trying to do, expand the Halo universe. The nice thing about this issue and series, is the depth and ability that it has accomplished throughout this issue. You really get a great sense of what the people within it.

The art is fantastic, it is very quick and shift, but it has a simplicity to it that allows for the words to shine. I just like it a lot.

Halo: Escalation #5 does a great job of showing some past stories that will play a big role.

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