Hack/Slash #24 Review

The end is surely coming for Cassie Hack and her beleaguered friends, but how is it shaping up so far?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“FINAL,” Part Five

Samhain pits the girls against each other in the ultimate battle to see who is the TRUE “Final Girl.” Betrayals and beheadings galore as the penultimate chapter of “Final” arrives!

It’s always a somewhat bitter affair when a franchise faces its imminent conclusion but thankfully this creative team is delivering on all fronts.  From the written word to the stylistically rendered visualizations the people behind all of this are simply yielding an expert send off for this storied universe.

Tim Seeley hands in his second to last script and the series creator does an outstanding job playing with all the toys in his literal war-chest.  He takes his cast of characters and continues to put them through an emotionally charged roller coaster ride that seems to be tailor made for a path of death and destruction. Beyond the usual tropes called forth to make this adventure against some slashers work, the author takes the necessary time to yield a massive emotional blow.  Trust me, it will leave fans in shock by the time they reach the final page.

The art by Elena Casagrande continues to improve with each outing, as this talent brings to life a plethora of characters in this complex narrative.  Whether it’s monsters, heroes or civilians her pencil strokes convey a level of detail and consistent structure that easily make the work on display stand out as some of her personal best.  There were some minor cosmetic bumps in the road but this talent handily limits them in a way that allows you to simply ignore the slight blemishes here and there.

Hack/Slash #24 is an absolutely thrilling ride that’s sure to excite series fans and keep them glued to their proverbial seats.  Whether it’s a heightened dialogue conversation, a war scene, an almost riot or sweet revenge against some monsters this is one comic book that devoted followers absolutely won’t regret purchasing. Highly recommended.


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