Grimm Fairy Tales presents Werewolves: The Hunger #1 Review

With the ever growing threats featured within Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed, do we really need a story focusing in on werewolves?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Werewolves are unleashed on the nexus and it is up to one man to prevent the Grimm Universe from being devoured by a hunger that never dies. Roman, a ruthless and uncaring hunter, is on the tail of a vicious werewolf when he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that goes way deeper than any hunt he’s ever been on. Horror and action collide in this new TIE IN miniseries from Zenescope Entertainment! Featuring cover art by Superstar DC artist Tyler Kirkham (Teen Titans, New Guardians).

With the advent of this universe spanning event, the Grimm Fairy Tales universe has been pushed to the brink as a mammoth amount of monsters and tie-ins have arrived.  Thankfully so far they haven’t been below entertaining as the various creative teams chart their own course in this endless seas of possibilities.

Mark L. Miller writes this latest romp, as a young girl falls victim to a world of furry problems.  What we have here is a script that from start to finish has the wherewithal to deliver not just a compelling narrative but one that feels irrelevant to the greater whole while still managing to be engaging in its own right.  I was thoroughly impressed with the simplicity of the tale, as it yielded something that can only be described as ‘new reader friendly.’

The art by Elmer V. Cantada is simply solid in all the right ways.  Whether the tale asks for a viscous attack on a camping site or the pronouncement of a dead animal courtesy of veterinary that seems socially awkward, this talent is more than up to the challenge.  There were times when the delivery of these specific details seemed to be somewhat rushed resulting in a few misshapen panels but these were few and far between.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Werewolves: The Hunger #1 is an excellent affair that should excite both dedicated followers and new readers.  Recommended.


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