Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Last of the Species #5 Review

Can the war torn island survive the beginning of another season of carnage? Should you even care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

This is it! The all-out battle between the Payari elephant, Shere tiger and Bada Dar bear tribes with Mowglii caught right in the middle. Oh my! plus Bomani faces off alone against Kaa the Python! Not everyone will walk away from this battle in one piece as all warring parties collide on one battlefield in the conclusion to the critically acclaimed jungle action series from writer Mark L. Miller!

After a brief look into the past the latest issue of this volume thrusts its audience into a text heavy fray.  Emotions run high as chaos creates some unexpected alliances while families are ripped apart… both literally and figuratively as the creative team basks in the final throws of their latest creation.

Mark L. Miller pens the script and the scribe does an outstanding job bringing his chaotic narrative to a fitting but somber close.  He uses the backbone of the tale to reinforce aspects of each character that we’ve become accustomed to, but the growth and expansion therein is hampered by a fairly sluggish pace.  That’s not to say that the journey drags to a close but there were instances where an overabundance of text let plot devices overstay what could readily be described as their initial welcome.

The art done by Eduardo Garcia and Amin Amat is heavily stylized but always more than ready to tackle the high demands of the written world.  The violence caused by and the emotional presence left via each panel is piercing in all the right ways.  There’s an air of chaos that creates an almost symphonic arrangement of illustrations but there were certainly sometimes where faces and forms were too distorted for their own good leaving the audience with a few confusing sequences.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Last of the species #5 is a fitting conclusion to this second volume and despite a couple stumbles it sets up the next adventure quite well.  Recommended.


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