Grimm Fairy Tales presents Hunters: The Shadowlands #5 Review

The end chapter to this event tie-in is here, but does it close out on a high note? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The Being, Samira, Ravenous and an endless army of monsters…versus Sela and the four exiled monster hunters.  Things don’t look good for our supernatural fighting quintet as they face off against the greatest threat earth has ever faced.  Will our time lost Hunters find a way to defeat the impossible obstacle before them or will the Being escape the Shadow Lands and Unleashed his evil upon the world?  The final issue of the events prior to the main Unleashed series are revealed!

It’s been a long time coming but our characters have reached an important moment.  It’s true that we all know how this story ends but its the journey along that way that offers a solid resolution to so much past and present destruction.

Now that this universe has been changed by some shocking revelations, Pat Shand sees fit to nail a few more beats courtesy of this romp.  The author further cements what happened to the whole of the Grimm Fairy Tales narrative by giving us details that we knew but never really experienced.  We get to see how the main monster entered our world, how Sela returned from the Shadowlands and why her friends ended up the way they did.  As these pieces fall into place there’s a strange sense of completion that encapsulates the closing steps of this mini-series.

The art by James Lyle and Matt Triano delivers on enough levels to not only complement the script but also uplift it.  The illustrators worked hard to deliver the diverse cast of characters while also giving them their own unique spin.  The summation of the display is quite good but there were a few panels that seemed a big too jagged.  They seemed rushed as absent details and some unnecessary inconsistencies littered the space.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Hunters: The Shadowlands #5 is a proper ending to the title and a fitting epilogue to the event that spawned it.  Recommended.


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