Grimm Fairy Tales presents Hunters: The Shadowlands #4 Review

With the main event wrapping up, do we still need this mini-series?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The long imprisoned God, Prometheus, lies dead at the hands of the Being who has laid claim to a rare ancient power capable of facilitating his release from the Shadowlands.  As the Being prepares to escape from the dark realm of monsters and mayhem, bent on unleashing his wrath upon the world, a final order is given to his legion of blood thirsty creatures of darkness.  Find the human Hunters responsible for their imprisonment…and kill them all.  With a world of monsters approaching their front door will the Hunters find a way to overcome the evil of the shadowland or will the Being’s impending release consume them all?

Grimm Fairy Tales Unleashed has been a very interesting set of various arcs that add up to one complex whole.  From the tie-ins and the somewhat rushed introductions we’ve seen creative teams strive to deliver something worthwhile and that’s exactly what happens here.

Pat Shand pens the festivities and from the first page on he knows exactly what he needs to put on paper to make this corner of the narrative accessible while keeping the reactions understandable.  There’s something about the basic skeletal structure that makes this aspect of the growing saga inviting, and to the scribe’s credit he finds little nuggets that allow it to be an essential companion book.  Case and point there’s a moving moment between a man and a chained dragon.

Marco Itri and Julien Noirel handle the art and their styles clash a wee bit as one illustrator offers a classic visualization oppose to a more chaotic interpretation. Several of the panels were well put-together but detail lite.  Even so, for the most part I found myself drawn into the design sense that graced each rendition.  And by the conclusion they found enough of a balance to keep this thing moving in the right direction.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Hunters: The Shadowlands #4 is another great entry that leads the way toward a thrilling climax.  Recommended.


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